Obama and the Constitution!

February 11, 2012


Leon Puissegur

“Those people who are not governed by GOD will be ruled by tyrants.”

William Penn

President Obama has once again stepped across the line when it comes to living up to the Constitution. Obama has even said that the Constitution keeps getting in his way of what he wants to do so what does Obama do? Obama does what any very good Dictator would do, he circumvents the Congressional power and in doing so he circumvents the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold! Now why is it that we keep allowing Obama to infringe upon the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold? Could it be because people are actually scared that if they do take action as “mandated” by the Constitution, they may face riots in most of the cities across the United States? I would hope that this fear was not the Only reason for not taking action through Congressional and Constitutional laws.

I know some are asking once again, what do you mean once again? Well, we could start with the closed door, closed meetings to pass the Obamacare bill that not a single Representative or Senator actually even read! This is NOT what the founding fathers had wanted the Congress or the people to do. I for one find it very upsetting that Obama freely goes against the very oath of office to not just make a point, but to enforce laws that Congress does not pass! Obama also wanted to have the Cap and Trade bill passed, but Congress saw through the fake ideas of the very wrong, “Global Warming”. This did not stop Obama from abusing his power in forcing the Cap and Trade law by dictating to the EPA to enforce rules that have never been enforced before and to have the EPA to develop new laws to force the Cap and Trade issues.

I cannot forget the take over of General Motors and Chrysler, and the firing of the CEO of General Motors because he did not agree with the Obama ideas! This was the very first time that a President has ever fired a CEO and taken over companies to “keep them from failing”! Then Obama told General Motors to come up with an electric car for Obama’s “Green” energy ideas. This of course is failing very badly due to the very high price of the electric cars and the very high cost to have a charger installed at the homes, this cost alone is some $8,000 and the work cannot be done by just any electrician, it has to be done by a “certified” Government electrician, this is part of the Cap and Trade bill being forced upon the people by Obama because it is the idea of Obama and NOT Congress!

Dick Morris posted an article on The Hill on February 7, 2012 about how Obama is working with Hillary Clinton to destroy our Constitution by giving the United Nations the power to enforce International Criminal Law Over the law of the United States. Mr. Morris also pointed out the so-called Law of the Sea treaty, where the United States will give half of the royalties the United States gets to the world and then it has to also hand over any new technology from offshore drilling to nations that want it for “FREE”! How could this happen? This is not the worst of these treaties that Obama and Hillary Clinton are pushing for, Obama and Clinton also want small Arms Control, this means that the Second Amendment is going to be abolished!! How can Obama even agree or think of doing this at all? These two Traitors, it CANNOT be stated no other way because what they are trying to do with these treaties is directly treasonous! Yet other treaties these two traitors are trying to get done. The Outer Space Code of Conduct where the United sates has to almost stop all space flights, hey, we are already doing this! This treaty would also keep the United States from using missiles in space to stop our enemies!

Obama and Clinton have also begun to look at a treaty that would grant rights to children, called; Rights of the Child. This would set up a code of rights and it would be administrated by 14 members from all over the world. This treaty would force rich nations, like the United States, to provide funds for shelter, food, clothing, and education! It would allow other nations to file challenges the levels of foreign aid the United States gives! It would place the United States Under the power of the United Nations and this would eliminate all of the Constitution! These 5 treaties will destroy our National Sovereignty and force the United States to abide by “world Rule”!

Now considering Obama and his totally ignoring the First Amendment, it sounds like Obama has no need or want for the United States or the Constitution he swore to uphold! His attack upon the First Amendment does not shock me, it is not a surprise at all given all the other things he wishes to get done through treaties that will destroy our very Freedom itself! With all this now before you, please make sure that everyone you know is made aware of what is shown here so they will see the real Obama and not the Politician that he displays all over the television!

If Obama is willing to destroy our national Sovereignty, why would he even worry about the First Amendment at all, hell, Obama does not even want the Constitution, he has stated that he finds the Constitution most troubling since he cannot get anything done the way he wants to do it! This is not a President, this is a DICTATOR that does not believe in the Constitution or what it stands for! It is time to call Obama out and let him know that the United States is, “For The People, By the People, and of the People”, not a nation lead by Obama, for Obama, by Obama!

Groupon’s Wall Street honeymoon over: Stock drops below IPO price in our site groupon dallas

Oakland Tribune November 23, 2011 | Jeremy C Owens Groupon’s Wall Street honeymoon lasted less than three weeks, as two consecutive days of sharp losses have pulled the company’s stock lower than the IPO price.

After falling 14.9 percent Tuesday to close slightly above the initial public offering’s $20 price at $20.07, shares of the Chicago- based daily deals originator plummeted more than 15 percent Wednesday. The stock closed at $16.96, a loss of $3.11, or 15.5 percent.

Groupon has now shed more than one-third of its market value since the end of last week, killing more than $6 billion of its market capitalization. this web site groupon dallas

Groupon had its stock market debut Nov. 4, selling 35 million shares for $20 apiece.

The shares began trading on the Nasdaq composite index at $28 a share and had not come within a dollar of the IPO price until Tuesday’s large drop.

The company has expanded to more than 200 markets in 45 countries but is making significantly less revenue per subscriber than before thanks to growing competition.

Analysts have blamed that competition for the current decline in Groupon’s share price. Competitor LivingSocial announced Monday that it would offer national deals for Black Friday, this week’s major shopping event.

“In the last few days, we’ve been hearing about LivingSocial stepping up promotions,” Edward Woo, an analyst at Wedbush, told Reuters on Tuesday. “The concern is that there will be much more competition for Groupon going forward.” The Associated Press contributed to this report. Contact Jeremy C. Owens at 408-920-5876; follow him at Twitter.com/mercbizbreak.

Jeremy C Owens


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