Obama Interrupts Superbowl–Transcript with Matt Lauer Exclusively Here!

February 1, 2009

Most politicians are smart enough not to show their face during game time, unless they have something important to say…

NBC’s Matt Lauer took his opportunity to spread Obama’s important message of transition into the White House.

Lauer: “Obama, you are the coolest President evah, like, if you asked me to the prom, I would have totally said yes. How are you adjusting to the Whitehouse?
Obama: “Fine, everybody thinks I’m cool, but my daughters are the coolest.”
Lauer: “Wow, I bet, but look at the bloodline they come from. Mr. President, will you take me out to dinner tonight? I mean, how do you feel about Jessica Simpson replaing you on the cover of US magazine?”
Obama: “Well at least she’s fat.”

Lauer: “HAHAHA, Like totally. Mr. President, in many circles people worship you…”

Obama: “Really?”

Lauer: “Oh yes, I’ve got pictures of you all through my house. I even got one right above my bed so you’re the first thing I see when I wake up.”

Obama: “That uh, doesn’t uh, surprise me, uh really, a lot of people worship me.”

Lauer: “Worship you? No, even bigger, you’re like totally a rock star, can I be your groupie? I mean how do you cope with that.”

Obama: “Well Matt uh, I need guys like you, people in the mainstream media to keep the pressure completely off of me, otherwise, I can’t do my job if I have to answer serious questions.”

Laurer: “Well Mr. Oh so hot President, I can do that for you, if we can get together for a nice candlelit dinner and a big bottle of wine and who knows where our relationship, I mean your media relationship can go from here.”

Okay, so that wasn’t the actual transcript, but wasn’t that one of the most pathetic interviews you have ever seen from the main stream media? Thanks NBC for interrupting my Superbowl for that pathetic moment in interview history. How about putting a couple of comments from Chris Collinsworth so he can tell us how great of a quarterback Donovan McNabb is even though he’s not in the Superbowl, and please, tell us how “Historical” it is to have Bruce Springsteen performing in the Superbowl for his very first time because nobody has overused the word “Historical” this year.

Thanks NBC, I broke away from your “Ongoing Superbowl Coverage” to come write this article.

The premiere league; I’m so pleats to see you: Keira To Russia with love: Charlize Theron in Moscow last night All this for little old me? Ben Barnes.

Daily Mail (London) June 20, 2008 Byline: Simon Cable YOU wait ages for a new movie to come along. And then three arrive atonce. here last night movie

Last night movie fans had a triple treat with red carpet premieres in Mayfair,Greenwich – and Moscow.

Ten thousand descended on the 02 Arena in Greenwich for the unveiling of TheChronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Newcomer Ben Barnes, 26, who plays the magical prince, arrived by high-speedclipper on the Thames before making his way into the cinema in front ofscreaming fans.

He admitted he was a little bewildered at all the attention.

‘I find it very embarrassing actually, I’ve never had this many people turn outto see me before,’ he said.

Over in Mayfair, someone a little more accustomed to the trappings of stardomwas basking in the spotlight.

Keira Knightley, who stars with Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys in The Edge ofLove, a wartime epic about the tangled emotional life of poet Dylan Thomas,smiled and chatted to admirers in the crowd at the premiere.

She wore a purple strapless dress by Canadian designer Erdem while Miss Millerwas in vintage red Dior. in our site last night movie

But it was Moscow which was treated to a real taste of Hollywood.

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, 32, stole the show at the MoscowInternational Film Festival in a frilly crimson shift.

She stars alongside Will Smith in Hancock, the story of a a bungling superherowho manages to do jaw-dropping damage during his well-intentioned bids to savelives..

‘Basking in the spotlight’


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