Obama LIES!!!

March 17, 2012


Leon Puissegur

I am going to be very bold here. Obama is a LIAR!! I will stand by that statement no matter how much anyone complains. How can I say that? It is very simple all I have to do is use the President’s own words, OBAMA’S words and I will not smash or hide behind any word or logical notion. I can make this statement because Obama, our President is a huge LIAR when it comes to oil, coal, and natural Gas! Obama, our President stated that we only have a mere 2% of the world’s Oil reserves! This is the largest lie of them all! Our Nation, the United States has well over 3 TRILLION barrels of oil, known OIL! Obama, our President knows this mainly because it was under Obama’s order that drilling was shut down in one of the Green River formations because the drilling well could be seen from 100 miles away, but in Utah, almost anything can be seen from 100 miles away if one stands in the right spot!

How can I say our nation has so much oil? I don’t have to look far even on the internet to find this as being factual. We just have to examine the very Huge LIE that Obama keeps repeating, that being his claim that the United States has only 2 % of the world’s oil reserves, yet this is only true if you do as he did, place all Federal lands and water off limits for drilling! Remember what Obama stated;

“As a country that has 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves, but uses 20 percent of the world’s oil – I’m going to repeat that – we’ve got 2 percent of the world oil reserves; we use 20 percent. What that means is, as much as we’re doing to increase oil production, we’re not going to be able to just drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices. Anybody who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or they aren’t telling you the truth.”

– President Obama, speech in North Carolina, March 7, 2012
Once again, our President, OBAMA is a LIAR!!

If we take Obama at his words, we are led to believe that he is telling us FACTS! Yet when the LIES he tells unfold into the truth, we find that he is only using figures that make his ideas work! In this case Obama is stating a very misleading and very faulty truth, but when you peel back the meaning it becomes apparent that Obama’s idea of reserves that Obama are done so he can “SCARE” everybody with half or less of a brain. Obama has actually LIED if you do not accept his definition of “Proven Reserves” of which Obama bases his 2% upon! “Proven Reserves” no matter if it is Oil, Coal, or Natural Gas is defined as, “actual assets owned by companies”. Given this very brief definition, it does not show what has been found and not leased or outright bought by any company. Now with this in mind, all the oil in just 3 States is not included in this “2%’ of the world’s supply that Obama keeps repeating! Obama, our President knows of this 1.8 TRILLION barrels of oil, but Obama wishes to keep those with small brains ignorant of this FACT! You see he learned something from others, if one tells a lie long enough, it becomes the truth! Once again, our President, OBAMA, is a LIAR!!

Let me enlighten anyone whom reads this, our nation, the United States has MORE oil then the entire WORLD has on hand and most of this is within 3 States! This oil lies some 1,000 feet below the surface in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming! This formation known as the Green Rivers Oil Formation holds some 1.4 to 1.8 TRILLION Barrels of oil! Now I have to admit that some say that only half of this can be recovered, but even that is 4 times what Saudi Arabia has on hand! This would give the United States some 700 BILLION Barrels of recoverable oil! This means that with JUST these 3 States, our nation, the United States STILL has more oil than the entire world has on hand because we have NOT included the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and Montana, where another 80 Billion barrels lie and more is being discovered every day! By the way, President Bush opened drilling on the Federal lands in 2005 and Obama shut them down! Once again, OBAMA has LIED!!

Now let me SHOW just how much OIL the United States has as of now, and these are very conservative figures, remember, all this is how many times what the United States has compared to these countries;

United States has 8 times as much Oil as Saudi Arabia!
United States has 18 times as much Oil as Iraq!
United States has 21 times as much Oil as Kuwait!
United States has 22 times as much Oil as Iran!
United States has 500 times as much Oil as Yemen!

Now with this in mind, ask should we trust OBAMA when he has passed on such a huge lie to the people of the United States?

Our President, Obama said that we, our nation, the United States, has no magic bullet. Once again our President, Obama is a LIAR! Our President, Obama could with the swift and quick move of just a humble pen open up all sorts of oil supplies. Obama, our President could with the motion of the almighty pen could write an Executive Order to stop exporting Gasoline and fuel oil until the prices within our nation comes down. Obama, our President with the clean swipe of the pen could produce an Executive Order to allow drilling in the Green River formation as was so ordered by President Bush back in 2005! There is a magic bullet, it is called bravado, it is called strong will, it is called “LEADERSHIP!” all of which our President, Obama seems to have lost! And again, OBAMA has LIED!!

Our President, Obama has stated that our nation does not have to give 4 billion dollars of tax payer money to Oil companies, but once again, our President, Obama has shown one item that he wishes to expand upon as a place where our nation does not need to give tax payer money, but he fails to show that what he exclaims as being a green energy, Ethanol, takes twice as much money from the tax payer to make! Yes, our President, OBAMA, and his staff will never tell the people that to make Ethanol, it takes some 8 Billion dollars of tax subsidies to keep them afloat, not to mention that the corn that is used for Ethanol comes from the same crop that we need for food on our tables! Yes, our President, Obama does NOT wish for the people to know that the making of Ethanol costs twice as much as the subsidies for oil and it does not completely burn! When Ethanol burns, one third of the Ethanol is not burned at all. Again, our President, OBAMA, has LIED!

Our President, OBAMA, wishes to make the people think that we can use Windmills and Solar Panels to produce energy in the same vast amounts as we do with Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil. Once again, our President, OBAMA, has LIED! If we could use all the land in the United States with Windmills alone, we could not produce the same output from all the electrical power plants that use Coal, Natural Gas, or Oil! Solar is even worst and with the failure of Solyndra and other solar panel companies, it shows that without heavy TAX PAYER subsidies, these companies cannot compete with the Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil companies. This is a FACT and when it comes to using Algae, this is in the works and will not be anywhere near able to use during the next 30 or 40 years! Now compare that to the fact that our nation, the United States has more Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas then any other nation in the world and by very conservative estimates, our nation, the United States could run on these fuels for the next 500 to 1,000 years before we run out if we ever do! Once again, OBAMA has LIED!

With just these facts, it brings to the forefront that if our President, OBAMA, has outright LIED, while knowing full well he has NOT told the truth, one will have to wonder what else has and will he LIE about? Is this what we need for a President that is supposed to lead our nation, the United States? Are we supposed to just lay down and accept the LIES and hidden facts that our President, OBAMA, has told? Just how can we, or should we support a man, any man for that matter when he says we only have 2% of the world’s oil supply when the Department of Energy has shown that we have over 60 TIMES that much that is known about, we may not ever know just how much is there since as technology comes on line we discover more and more! One more fact I have to state is that our President, OBAMA, has stated that HIS administration has seen more production since anytime in the last 8 years, once again, our President, OBAMA has LIED! What has really happened is that all the private and State lands have been drilled upon while the Federal lands which our President, OBAMA, could open have all but stopped, with some places seeing declines of up to 47% less then when our President, OBAMA, took office! Once again, our President, OBAMA, has LIED! Ask yourself should we place our nation, the United States in total trust of a man that cannot tell the TRUTH!

A 7-Year Itch Worth Having

The Washington Post March 20, 1992 | Desson Howe IN 1963, a young Michael Apted was a researcher for the British television documentary “7 Up.” Bringing together 14 children from different English social classes, the project wanted to follow these children as they grew older.

The series has visited them every seven years since, in the documentaries “7 + 7,” “21” and “28 Up.” In these remarkable films, most of them directed by Apted, the subjects have rung the changes with an increasingly heavier bell.

In “35 Up,” with footage from five documentaries at his disposal, Apted traces the ironies and juxtapositions in his subjects’ lives. There’s an almost universal sense of resignation as the principals face a life of buffeting reality. here 7 year itch

Many who in “28 Up” were in the early stages of marriage or courtship are either divorced or sobered up about marital relationships; most of them are parents now, of children ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

Tony, who once dreamed of being a jockey, was a cabbie and aspiring movie extra at 28, is now merely content to teach horse riding to his daughters. He’s just one of many who have dealt with, and accepted, changes – or their lot in life. go to web site 7 year itch

Liverpudlian Neil, an emotionally troubled vagrant in “28 Up,” remains homeless and subject to chronic mood swings. He predicts he’ll be “wandering homeless around the streets of London” in the year 2000.

Friends Sue and Jackie live in a world of child rearing and fractured relationships with men. Sue, who married at 24 and had two children, is now divorced. She goes out to drink once a week with a circle of similarly divorced girlfriends. Jackie, after a failed and childless marriage, is happy with her new out-of-wedlock baby – “the best thing that could have happened to me.” Their friend Lynn, who married at 19, remains content with her husband and two daughters.

There’s an eerie, fatalistic effect running through “35 Up.” It’s a bittersweet psalm to the often dispiriting ravages of time. The conclusions to be drawn may be less than uplifting, but to watch “35 Up” is to look directly at life through omniscient eyes. It’s a brilliant, vital human document.

35 UP (Unrated) – At the Biograph. @Slug: N44YEA Desson Howe

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