The Rise of a Dictator – Obama

April 17, 2011

Obama, elected to be President has now appointed himself to be the Supreme Court. We all remember a few months back when a Federal District Court Judge, Martin Feldman, Declared the Obama Regime to be in contempt of Court for ignoring the ruling that was supposed to end the Oil Moratorium. Then a little further back Obama took it upon himself to declare “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional and ordered Congress to overturn the Clinton Era Ban. More recently the Rogue Regime decided that the need for Congressional Approval to go to war against Libya did not apply to him and commenced with conflict without so much as a courtesy phone call. Or how about his arrogance he expressed at the mere idea that Obama displayed when he himself decided that the Defense of Marriage Act violated people’s civil rights and ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the cases. Well the man is at it again.

Part of the recent pathetic excuse of a budget “deal” dealt with Obama’s many Czars. Section 2262 completely defunded the controversial positions, effectively eliminating the position. Well Obama has made a SCOTUS decree declaring the budgetary item unconstitutional; stating that he does not and will not obey the law of the land. The Regime issued a statement that stated that in order to bypass this legislation he would “interpret” the law differently than how the authors intended, “the executive branch will construe 2262 not to abrogate these Presidential prerogatives.”

Basically Obama has declared himself to be the sole ruler of these United States, not bound by the constitutionally required balance of powers; rather he alone has the power to rule independently on all issues. Obama has in effect become a dictator. These tyrannical acts must not be taken lightly; we must make our voices heard by not only Obama but by all in Congress, the judiciary, and all who are sworn to defend the Constitution. They must know that we the people will stand beside them as they call Obama out, they must have no doubt that we stand for liberty and not despotism. As we have seen with House Speaker John Boehner, there is uncertainty in whether or not the American People are with him; it’s unclear to him how much we wish for him to abate the President’s Power. If we are to remain a free people we must, just like our founders did nearly three hundred years ago, take a strong stance against authoritarianism; we must crush it in its infancy before this soft tyranny becomes a hard one!

I implore you to contact your elected officials and order them to take a stand, I beseech you to write letters to your editor to educate the public about this atrocity, I plea with you to rally together with your friends at our States’ Capitols as the TEA Party did and shout, “We will take no more!” If we together take this stand our Children and Grandchildren can be assured their security.


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