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June 24, 2012


Leon Puissegur

I am not sure if anyone has ever put Obama’s associates together, you know those whom he has placed into high positions and those whom he has sitting near or close to him? I wondered about the close groups that associated with Obama and when I dug into this I found a group that closely represented a Communist Russian underground rather then a group of well-respected United States Citizens!!! Let me show just a short list of those whom most influenced Obama;

1. Frank Marshal Davis, a well known Communist mentor whom Obama held in
high regard!

2. Bill Ayers of the Weatherman Underground, an individual who until today
says the United States is wrong!

3. Bernadine Dorhn, another hater of the United States and wife of Bill Ayers

4. His own mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was a “Communist Sympathizer”.

5. David Axelrod, Obama’s Campaign manager, this man’s mother was a
journalist for the Daily Worker, a Communist paper, now this man whose
mother was a “communist” is now the campaign manager for Obama!!

6. Barak Obama’s own Brother, Abongo “Roy” Obama, is a militant Muslim and a

7. Barak Obama’s cousin, Odinga, is also a Marxist whom made a pact with
hard line Islamic to establish Shariah law in Kenya!

8. Alice Palmer, the ONLY African-American journalist to attend the 27th
Congress of the Communist Party! Palmer helped Obama obtain the United
States Senate seat!!!

9. Caroline Boss, a Girlfriend of one Dr. Drew whom has associated her with
going to classes with Obama for Marxist ideology!

10. Carol M. Browner, whom served as a “commissioner” of the Socialist
International, an umbrella group for 170 “Social democratic, socialist
and labor parties”!!

11. Valerie Jarrett, whose mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, co-founded the
Erickson Institute in Chicago and serves on the board of trustees, which
at one time also had Tom Ayers, father of Bill Ayers was also a trustee.
Valerie Jarrett’s father, Vernon Jarrett, wrote extolling Communist poet
Langston Hughes, Stalinists W.E.B. DuBois, and Paul Robeson. Valerie
Jarrett’s father also sat on a union publicity committee with Frank
Marshal Davis. Her direct connection to all these Socialist, Marxist, and
communist would raise a red flag to most people!

12. Barak Obama’s own father went to meetings for the “communist” ideology,
as did his grandparents in Hawaii!

Now with just this dozen people now exposed as they are can anyone even think of a reason why Obama has decided to “CHANGE” the United States? The only problem here is that what Obama wants does not live up to the Constitution of the United States of which Obama himself has stated very openly, “I have to abide by the Constitution and it restricts me in what I want to do.” Now that is a great President, one whom wants to do as he wants and NOT what the Constitution or laws state!!

One I forgot to show is one now in the limelight and I think I will start this series out with him, his name is going to be in most headlines for the next week and maybe even months so I figure some background into Eric Holder would be very appropriate.


Just this past week his Attorney General, Eric Holder, has come under Contempt of Congress, yet if we explore Eric holder’s past affiliation with requests, we will find that he has a past of NOT producing what is required of him. The dossier on Eric Holder looks more like a man who does as he is told to do without question if it breaks the law and if it helps the black race it is even better. Eric Holder is the son of Eric Himpton Holder, Sr., whom hailed from Barbados. His mother, Miriam, daughter of immigrants from Saint Philip, Barbados. It should not surprise anyone that Eric Holder worked for the NAACP in the Education Fund and Legal Defense for the NAACP.

Eric holder has had a long history AGAINST the ownership of guns. In 1995 he stated to the Woman’s National Democratic Club, “We need to launch a public campaign to really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way. What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we change our attitudes about cigarettes.” Maybe that ideology is what Holder is involved in with the “Fast and Furious” problem?

Eric Holder was appointed as Deputy Attorney General by Bill Clinton and The Washington Post stated, “Holder was the gatekeeper for presidential pardons.” This is where Holder began his acts of “hiding or just not turning over documents to people that requested them. Some of those whom gained their freedom with the stroke of Holder’s pen were, Susan Rosenberg, whom was indicated in a deadly 1981 robbery of a Brink’s armored car, Linda Evans, of whom used false ID’s to buy firearms, harbor a fugitive, and had in her hands 740 pounds of dynamite! Why would anyone allow these people go free since they are threats to the United States?

Eric Holder was also involved in the release of a man whom scammed money and when threatened with jail for his actions he fled to Switzerland. This was a man named, Marc Rich, his actions were pretty bad since he made millions off dummy transactions then fled the country when he was about to be brought to face charges. But Mr. Rich would be set free, after all, his wife, Denise contributed about $1.5 million towards Clinton interests. Denise also sent $1.2 million to the Democratic National Committee; some $75,000 went to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign and $450,00 found its way to the Bill Clinton Library in Arkansas. Why is this name so important? Well, The New York Times summed it up pretty good;

“Mr. Holder had more then a half dozen contacts with Mr. Rich’s lawyers over 15 months, including phone calls, e-mail and memorandums that helped keep alive Mr. Rich’s prospects for a legal resolution to his case. And Mr. Holder’s final opinion on the matter-a recommendation to the White House on the eve of the pardon that he was ‘neutral, leaning toward’ favorable-helped ensure that Mr. Clinton signed the pardon despite objections from other senior staff members.”

What really throws this into perspective with what Holder is doing now comes up with the Times sequence of events:

“Holder’s role in the Rich issue actually began … [a]t a corporate dinner in November 1998, [where] Mr. Holder was seated at a table with a public-relations executive named Gershon Kest, who had been trying to help Mr. Rich resolve his legal troubles. When Mr. Kekst learned that his dinner companion was the deputy attorney general, he proceeded to bring up the case of an unnamed acquaintance who had been ‘improperly indicted by an overzealous prosecutor.’ … A person in that situation, Mr. Holder advised, should ‘hire a lawyer who knows the process, he comes to me, we work it out.’ Mr. Kekst wanted to know if Mr. Holder could suggest a lawyer. Mr. Holder pointed to a former White House counsel sitting nearby. “There’s Jack Quinn,’ he said. ‘He’s a perfect example.’ Months later, Mr. Rich’s advisors settled on Mr. Quin to lead legal efforts…”

From October 1999 and January 2001, Holder and Quin discussed the Rich case at least six times. The New York Times stated:

“In February 200, Mr. Quin sent Mr. Holder a memorandum entitled ‘Why D.O.J. [Department of Justice} Should Review the Marc Rich Indictment.’ About a month later, Mr. Holder spoke with Mr. Quin again and told him that ‘we’re all sympathetic’ and that legal ‘equities’ in the issue were ‘on your side.’ … By the fall of 2000, efforts to re-open the criminal case were dead, and Mr. Rich’s lawyers had moved on to the idea of a pardon. Again, Mr. Quin turned to Mr. Holder. On November 21, 2000, at the close of a meeting on a separate topic, Mr. Quin took Mr. Holder aside, told him he was planning on filing a lengthy pardon petition with the White House and asked whether the White House should contact Mr. Holder for his opinion… In a separate e-mail message that Mr. Quin [had] sent three days before that to other members of the Rich team,… he wrote: ‘Spoke to him last evening. Says to go straight to W.H.[White House]. Also says timing is good.’…”

Now I know just what does this all have to do with Eric Holder and the Contempt of Congress problem he now faces along with the relations towards Obama as an “ASSOCIATE”? It ALL has to do with Eric Holder denying his “ASSOCIATION”!!!

Even though it is very clear that Eric holder was very involved in the Marc Rich case and obtained the pardon of him through Bill Clinton, in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing under OATH, he denied even knowing a man by the name of Marc Rich stating to the committee, “Mr. Rich’s name was unfamiliar to me” Holder even went on to state he had, “gained only a passing familiarity with the underlying facts of the Rich case.” This shows that Eric Holder, an Associate of Obama, has done this in the past without question and it just gets better. It was Holder’s office that actually filed the investigation into Mr. Rich! Eric Holder has “NOT” come clean before so why is it no surprise he is holding back now! Even in 2009 when Eric holder was asked by Senator Arlen Spector; “Were you aware of the kind of record this man [Rich] had?” Eric Holder stated:

“No I was not. And that was one of the mistakes I made. I did not really acquaint myself with his record. I knew the matter involved-it was a tax-fraud case; it was a substantial tax-fraud case. I knew that he was a fugitive. I did not know a lot of the underlying facts that you have described.”

I could go on for another 20 pages about the Associates of Obama and where they lead. I will just allow this part about United States Attorney General Eric Holder to sink in by what he has done in the past and what he has done now. If one looks back at that, they see that Eric holder has done the same thing in the past but got away with it. Now he has been caught and it may well lead up to the very White House and Obama himself! It was Obama whom had said to look at those a person associates themselves with and you will see whom they are. Given this, one would almost have to say that Barak Hussein Obama is or at the very least is associated with a bunch of Communists, Marxists, and Socialists!
Just look at those President Obama has been associated with!

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