Obama’s Connections

June 2, 2012


Leon Puissegur

We were so intrigued with some of the associates of Obama that we went to a site www.discoverthenetworks.org and found a huge number of connections that linked Barak Husein Obama to associations and people like, Move On, Democratic Socialists of America, Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, Students for Democratic Society(SDS), The Weathermen, Open Society Institute, George Soros, Urban Institute, Al Jazeera, Hamas(though a narrow link, a link all the same), Democracy 21, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Bernardine Dohn, Communist Party USA, New Black Panther Party and the list would be pages long since the links are all there and many have been shown to be real and Obama is had some sort of association with them all. It is not a huge surprise to us that these links can be made, especially after the interview with Dr. Drew had shown Obama to have held Marxist ideologies along with revolutionary ideals. What we find here are so many others that are directly linked to not just Obama and all those people above, but some of those whom work under Obama also hold links directly to some of the same organizations shown here.

While looking at the links to Obama, we find that the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Communist Party of the USA have links directly to Obama and many other groups come up with his name associated to the links. Just in the Democratic Socialist of America, (which by the way is just what Representative West of Florida said it was.), names such as Dennis Kucunich, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Barak Husein Obama, Bernie Sanders, and this one stands out like a black eye, FIDEL CASTRO! Now if we look at the links under or rather to the Communist Party of USA(CPUSA), we find Barak Husein Obama’s name right next to the center here along with links to Van Jones(no wonder Obama wanted him), David Axelrod(Obama’s campaign manger, directly linked to the Communist Party USA), Richard Trumka(the head of the AFL-CIO), American Federation of Teachers, now what could be wrong with being linked either directly or indirectly to any COMMUNIST network, well for one the President is “supposed” to honor the Constitution and he surely could not do this if he is associated with the Communist Party USA. There are so many other links to Obama that we could not list them all even in a dozen different articles

We then went to seek out what this web site had on Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s best friend and closest advisor. What popped up was not very surprising at all, especially since she was born in Iran back in 1956. What was a small surprise were the links that became apparent with her and those associated with this top advisor of Obama and the many links to Obama. We found that Valerie Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman co-founded a group known as the Erickson Institute in Chicago, and she still serves as a Trustee. Now comes the weird part, Tom Ayers, the father of Bill Ayers was also a one time fellow trustee of the Institute. Is this a weird coincidence, or did Obama select Valerie Jarrett due to her close link to Bill Ayers? So many questions when the links are followed that we will not be able to go beyond just the two top advisors to President Barak Husein Obama, that being Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.

Now with the links going to Valerie Jarrett we see right off the name, Media Matters of America just glaring out at us. Media Matters of America seems to come up a lot in all of the links with Obama’s name linked either directly to Obama or through bone of the other groups such as Networks which by the way carries some well known names with that group also and is once again linked directly to Obama and others of whom have high positions or have been close to Obama. Valerie Jarrett’s close association to the Ayers family and others from the Hyde park community seems to indicate that Obama did in fact know not just Bill Ayers, but others such as Louis Farrakhan whom also lived in the same area as did Valerie Jarrett. Remember that Obama had once said very clear that one could judge the person by the company they keep and here we see links to Marxist/Socialist with ideas that do not include the brave and healthy world of freedom here in the United States. The links to the groups are not many from the base group of Netroots, but the links from there are very many way too many to list here but just in this group of Netroots comes other groups such as, but definitely not limited to; Media matters of America, Act Blue, New politics Institute, Daily Kos, and Democratic Party, not many groups, but if we were to jump to any of these groups an even larger number of groups jump out at us, with many of them being linked to the Communist Party, the Democratic Socialists of America and many other groups that have no such want to keep the United States as it now is.

With all this now being shown without question, I just had to go to David Axelrod especially after finding a link to his name from the Communist Party USA! I went back to that and looked up some more information about David Axelrod to see what was out there other then just links to Communists. On the same page we find One Nation Working Together, National Action Network(NAN), Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism(How could democracy and socialism work together?), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People[NAACP],(Yes that is right, a DIRECT link to the Communist Party USA and the NAACP!), Congressional Progressive Caucus, and a few others along with some very well known people that were thought to have been associated with the Communist Party USA. The idea that David Axelrod is the campaign Manager for Barak Husein Obama makes me wonder just where is the allegiance of Obama really at when he has Communist, or people associated with Communist organizations working to re-elect him? Why is it that David Axelrod has not allowed people to know he was associated with the Communist Party USA? Are these the people our nation needs to have working for then people?

Earlier we had mentioned the name of Media Matters for America and when we went back and looked at this organization from the root it just blew up into a vast network of names, networks, money donors, and many organizations, but one thing that caught our eyes was one of the groups called, “SHADOW PARTY”! Shadow Party, this looked like a joke by someone that was making a play on the ideas of a “Shadow Government”, but upon further looking, it becomes evident that this was not a joke and the big names jump out at you when you see it. Names like but not limited to; Al Gore, Jane Fonda, Arianna Huffington, John Podesta, Steve Rosenthal, GEORGE SOROS(This one name shows up on nearly all links to nearly all the large groups and to Obama.), and Bill Clinton. The groups are some of those shown above once again, SEIU, Open Society Institute (This group is shown as a money contributor.), America Votes, AFL-CIO, Media Matters of America, NAACP, Emily’s List(This caught our attention more on this later.) and many more that also have links back to Obama, Jarrett, or others shown here.

Now to get back to the “Emily’s List”; this caught our attention since it sounded like “Angie’s list”, but the difference is totally different. “Emily’s List” when opened up looks like a spider web of evil or menacing at the least. Names that seemed to jump out where, Maxine Waters(the lady that is linked directly to the Democratic Socialist party), Hilda Solis, Barbara Boxer, Barbara Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell, just to mention a few. The organizations range from, Move On, Media fund, National Organization for Women(NOW), League of Women Voters(LWV), America Coming Together(ACT), Center for Progressive Leadership, Human Rights Campaign, Shadow Party(Here again one group that is linked to yet another one with the same ideology!), so many different groups working together for what?

We went back and looked at what we found and when put together with all the links, it becomes a very scary look at what is going on within our nation that one Communist leader once said he would do, Bury Us! How could Communists, Socialists, Marxists and any other anti United States groups evolved within our nation and no one has taken notice? Have we as a people become so obsessed with our own small worlds that we have ignored what lies just beyond our doorstep? How could all these groups come about in the shadows of our nations capitol and behind our very doors? Have we as a people lost our nerve to uphold our Constitution? Have we finally awaken to the reality that we cannot just stand by and “Let George Do It”? I pray that we have so we can turn this monster back and send it back into the deep recess of the earth. If we do not stand firm and turn the groups now in control back, our very freedom that we all enjoy will take a back seat to tyranny and a hatred unlike any this nation has ever seen before! It is time to wake up and see what is now placed before you, what we have shown here is but a very small amount of links to Communism, Socialism, and Marxism being used in the White House and parts of our Congress! This is but the very tip of a huge iceberg set to destroy the United States as we know it if “WE THE PEOPLE” do nothing and stay at home instead of getting out and vote!


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