Obama’s Dream

July 18, 2011

President, (and I use this term out of respect for the office, not for Obama), Obama has a dream and it does not include the people who elected him nor the people of the United states! I have to wonder just who or whom his dream is for because since he has taken office, oil has “skyrocketed” to over $90 a barrel, bread has rose by about 25%, milk by 23%, and the list could go on for the entire page, but I will not bore you with all the items that have cost the people more due to Obama and his ideology of what HE thinks this nation should

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Obama has a dream of the United states that few of the people in this nation actually would agree with, as a matter of fact, the only people that would agree with what he is doing are either on his staff or sit there waiting for their handouts! Obama does not wish to drill and actually shut down drilling when he first got into office and had he allowed the drilling that was being done to finish, it would have brought the price of oil down to about $60 a barrel! Most if not all of the wells he shut down would be producing now and this would be cutting our foreign dependence off by a vast amount.

Obama has a dream of making our nation a “GREEN” nation and he is willing to destroy all other jobs and all other sources of fuel in order to do this. Obama has given Lisa Jackson of the EPA all the rope she wants to hang the coal companies and she has shut at least 5 companies down causing an increase in the cost of energy due to just these 5 coal companies being shut down. Obama has a dream of shutting down the coal companies because he has the dream of moving this cheap energy into the high cost of Solar power that cost much more and is NOT constant. He also believes that wind will also be a better source of energy, yet wind is much like solar, it is not a constant and continues supply as coal, Natural gas and oil are.

Obama does not care as long as he can get his “Green” jobs going and helps his friend at general Electric, Immelt. Obama dreams of having electric cars running all over yet this is not a real situation since to do this it would have to have all sorts of “Charges” for the cars all over the place. If you can only go 60 miles on a charge, then chargers will have to be set up every 60 miles, and of course General Electric loves this since they have the chargers that will be needed all over the place.

Grant it, we will need a different fuel source in the future, but right now the United States has more oil, Natural Gas and coal then the entire world has on hand! Yet Obama does not want to touch it much less use it because it would not benefit his friend Immelt or his company, General Electric, and the unions that paid for him to win office! The United states has at the worst case scenario, 225 year of known oil that can be used at today’s rate, and at the best it has 465 years of known oil to use. This does not even scratch the surface of what has not been discovered yet and it does not bring into play the very HUGE amounts of Natural Gas the United States has!

Obama’s dream of a “Green” United States does not include the people of the United states since most of the jobs will be at overseas locations! The Solar panels he has full faith in are made in China and they still have a very long way to go to match what just one Natural Gas turbine can do. When it comes to the wind mills, England gave the amount of wind mills it takes to produce the same amount of energy as just one Natural Gas fired turbine and that number is 245 wind mills to create the same amount of energy as just one Natural Gas turbine! What would be better for the environment when it comes to just one plant taking up maybe 10 acres of land or 245 Wind Mills taking up Hundreds of acres of land? This would NOT benefit the people of this nation due to the vast amounts of land that would be needed to generate the same amount of electricity as just one Natural gas fired Turbine!

Obama’s dream of having wind mills and solar panels to produce all our needs would force the people of our nation into the seas because nearly all the land would be needed to hold all the wind mills and solar panels! Obama’s dream is to run our nation on JUST “Green” energy and from what I have looked up, most of it cannot be done today with the technology that is now available. Yet if Obama had allowed the drilling to continue instead of stopping it, we would not be seeing the $3.65 a gallon for gasoline nor would we see the many other high prices due to the high gasoline and fuel costs. None of the Wind mills or solar panels to date have decreased any electric bills or have they eased the cost of gasoline! Is this any wonder when most if not all of the ideas that Obama has floated out into the public has been much more then dreams?

Obama’s dream of a “Green” United States has not and will not happen today or in the near future due to the simple fact that most if not all of Obama’s dream cannot be obtained with today’s technology that would decrease the use of oil, coal, or natural gas! Obama’s dream of a “Green” united States has hurt the very people that had voted for him because he had shut down drilling wells that now some 3 years later would be producing almost half the oil we use! Obama’s dream has cost the people of the United States jobs that have gone to overseas areas due to cheaper taxes and wages! Obama’s dream has cost this nation “TRILLIONS” of dollars that our nation did not have and now it will cost our children’s children money that we do not now have! Yes, these are Obama’s Dream, not our nations dream!

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