Obama's Incoherent Foreign Policy

February 13, 2011

President Obama’s foreign policy is hard to make any sense out of. I’m not simply referring to bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, while other world leaders simply treat the king with equality. Oh, I get it, he’s showing reverence. And giving the queen of England, an ally of the United States, an iPod loaded with his great speeches commands respect? It’s not just that President Obama treats our allies with indifference while showing the utmost respect and admiration for the enemies of our country, it’s the totality of his foreign policy that is incoherent, confusing, and simply sends the wrong message to the rest of the world.
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I’m sure President Obama would appreciate a Senator going off to Egypt and offering up a different policy, much like then Senator Obama did in Kenya when he campaigned for his alleged cousin Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga’s supporters, if you will recall, took it to the streets and killed thousands of Christians, shortly after the election results showed Raila Odinga losing.

That doesn’t catch your attention? Of course we’ll remember how the people of Iran rose up and protested against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when Ahmadinejad was being accused of rigging the elections. It’s clear, President Obama doesn’t wish to interfere with riots in foreign countries. It’s clear, President Obama will not make any demands on Ahmadinejad, an enemy of the United States, to step down. Of course it’s important for the U.S. President to be “restrained” during a time of crisis.

On June 28, 2009, just 8 days after Neda Agha-Soltan was shot during a protest in Iran, Manuel Zelaya was thrown out of power by his own political party in Honduras. President Obama’s response? Well, President Obama agreed with Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Fidel Castro, (all of whom led their own bloody coups) that it was illegal for the government of Honduras to oust Manuel Zelaya, and denounced bloody coups in the process. It was then discovered that Zelaya was attempting to rig the election that would have changed the Honduran Constitution to allow the President to serve more than one term. This is the guy President Obama backed?

Maybe Obama’s foreign policy takes a turn when he’s being publicly criticized by a foreign minister? Ahmed Aboul Gheit claimed that President Obama confided in him that Obama was indeed a Muslim, and was sympathetic to the Muslim religion. More to the point, President Obama told the Egyptian minister that as soon as he got health care legislation through, he would show the Muslim world what he would do with Israel. Well, there’s no way Obama would remove an Israeli ally in the Middle East.

When the Muslim Brotherhood joined the Egyptian protest, the Egyptian government panicked, and shut down the internet. Mubarak refused to step down. What was President Obama’s response? After at first seeming lost, President Obama took the stand that Mubarak should step down. A very aggressive stance for the President who would not interfere with Iran, stood by another President as he was being ousted by his own party, and campaigned with Raila Odinga, whose supporters became extremely violent after he lost.

Confused yet? I am, but I fear the next two years will begin to make much more sense as to where Obama’s loyalties are.

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