Obama’s Malaise Speech

September 2, 2011

Let’s face it, President Barack Obama’s three biggest fans have got to be George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. Carter hasn’t had so much comparison to him in his life, and as for George Bush and Hillary Clinton, what has done more to lift their image than 32 months of Barack Obama? Seriously, wouldn’t you rather have either one of those two as President right now? And even Jimmy Carter is almost seeming more competent than Obama.

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In less than one week, President Obama is going to address the nation about the economy. I’m sure he’s going to tell us that he’s going to focus like a laser on the economy now. After all, 2012 is just around the corner and if he’s going to get re-elected he’s got to at least put on a show that he cares about you.

Yes indeed, full campaign mode. He’s got the sell outs in the congressional black caucus crying racism, but all the while they’ve been up there in congress, they’ve defended policies that are harmful for minorities. “Affordable Housing”, anyone? They have treated minorities as if they are just nothing more than an additional and necessary expense of the federal government, and when giving a welfare check isn’t enough, they attempt to manipulate minorities into not listening to an argument that actually may help them improve their lives by accusing those people of racism. Sell outs, indeed.

But that pretty much sums up the entire Democratic party, doesn’t it? Vote for us because we’ll give you a welfare check. When they can’t buy your vote, they simply accuse their opponents of racism or a handful of other false names. What else can you expect from the party that simply sweeps their own long history of racism under the rug?

Certainly they aren’t winning minorities any new opportunities in life while they protect the man who leads the country into a depressing normalcy. With no new jobs in August, there isn’t any new opportunity for anybody, much less for young black men entering the workforce. I suppose Democrats are really for the poor, and they need at least 50 plus one of the American public to be poor.

I personally don’t understand the Democrat strategy, if you ask me, that’s a strategy that will cause Obama to lose all 57 states. But I digress. Mr. Obama is going to Washington. Oh the sacrifice he’s going to make. He’s going to leave the golf course for a few hours, he’s not going to be on vacation. Mr. Obama is going to go in front of a joint session of congress and lecture us about the economy. He’s going to tell us what we need to do.

Thank God, I mean, thank Obama. I was so worried that he was going to let us live our own lives, to decide our own fates, but most importantly, I was worried that he was going to leave us alone and let us recover from his previous bad policies. God, I mean Obama, has decided to focus like a laser on the economy and he needed to do it on on September 6th, but that mean Boehner guy said no. I mean come on, Boehner. You see, Obama understands the economy is important and concentrating on the economy on Semptember 6th, 2011 is the perfect time for him to start focusing like a laser. It’s a much better day than all the days before September 6th, 2011 that he’s been President. And even though he’s made the country wait 2 and a half years before he comes out with what may or may not be a real jobs plan, it’s simply not fair to President Obama that he waits one more day. I mean, how else is President Obama going to get into the Republican debate? No matter, President Obama is far more important than football, and being a Chicago Bear fan, he can stick it to the Green Bay Packer fans in Wisconsin.

What’s Obama going to say to the nation? Well, your guess is probably as good as mine. Solution to high gas prices? Check your tires and buy a new car. Solution to our dependency on foreign oil? No new drilling permits in the U.S. and become Brazil’s number one customer of oil. How to achieve peace in the middle east? Support rebellions. Solution to obesity? Tell the American people to “eat their peas”. So I’ll venture a guess on his speech.

He’ll state the obvious, we need to create jobs, need to get our spending under control, get off our dependency of foreign oil. Then he’ll treat everybody else, Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites, men and women, as if we’re either too stupid, too selfish, or too greedy and blame everybody else for the problem. Of course his jobs that he’s created were temporary jobs, doubles the national debt, and made us more dependent on foreign oil, but that’s not important.

After that he’s going to tell us how simple it is, raise taxes, increase federal spending on his friends, cut spending in other areas such as NASA, and we who suffer need to tighten our belts. Then he’s going to go on “vacation”. Now, don’t be critical of his vacation time. He’s not doing any work and that’s important because he’s getting in touch with the “jobless”. But as for me, I like to think of Obama’s vacation time as an “adjustment period” for him for what he’ll be doing permanently beginning in 2013. Знакомства

I think I just might watch his malaise speech, but the Saints are playing. Oh what to do? Saints? Or a classic Jimmy Carter moment?

Groupon Inks Expanded Pact with Rihanna.

Health & Beauty Close-Up November 25, 2010 Groupon, a shopping website offering a daily deal in more than 300 markets around the world, said it will offer recorded music features, kicking off with the fifth studio album from pop music artist Rihanna’s latest album, “Loud” from Island Def Jam Music Group. go to site groupon phoenix

In a release, the Company said that in addition to the variety of features, “Loud” will be available as a $5 digital download in the inaugural holiday store of Groupon, the Grouponicus Store, beginning November 22.

“Expanding our Music category further cements Groupon as a true lifestyle brand,” said Sean Smyth, VP of Business Development, Groupon. “Rihanna dominates the charts and she’s the perfect artist to help Groupon launch Grouponicus and aggressively compete in the music marketplace.” The deal on Groupon is an integral component of the digital launch campaign of Rihanna’s “Loud” that includes aggressive social media activation via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Rihanna’s official website, fan sites, the blogosphere and a Loudest Fan contest. in our site groupon phoenix

In addition to the digital album download from Rihanna, Groupon continues to sell tickets for area festivals and concerts, previously featuring in-demand events including Chicago’s Riot Fest and tickets to Bon Jovi.

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