Obama’s Sucker Punch

May 7, 2009

Louisiana’s smokers recently took a hit from Obama and his henchmen in congress when they raised the cigarette tax. They said this will both pay for health care for children and cause smokers to quit, but if smokers quit buying cigarettes won’t children then be without the health care that was provided to children by them? Smokers, you’ve got to choose between saving your own life and the many lives of children. Oh the dilemma you face, you’re caught between your health and saving money, and that great satisfaction you get every time you light up a smoke knowing that you are helping save a little child’s life.

What’s more, this cigarette tax is a great way for poor people to share in the joy of giving to little kids, as smokers make up 30% of the poor and decreases as we move up into different financial classes. So poor people, light up and feel good about lighting up, after all, your federal government wants you to light up, children what you to light up, people who either can’t or won’t pay for their children’s health care want you to light up, so apparently, it’s your patriotic duty to light up.

And as for the rest of you, if you’re not at least buying tobacco – quit being selfish, children are suffering because you’re being too greedy with your money. Buy a pack of smokes, buy a few cigars, start chewing tobacco, show the rest of us that you care about children’s health care.

The way I figure it, since 30% of poor people smoke and only 10% of the wealthy smoke, it stands to reason that the rich just aren’t paying their fair share to help children have health care. If some of you wealthier people would light up every now and then, Karen Carter Peterson wouldn’t have an excuse to wage a tax war on poor people.

I know some of you are going to deny that Karen Carter isn’t waging a tax war on poor people, but if she isn’t, why is she attacking a product that is disproportionately used by the poor? And being that she proudly proclaims herself as Obama’s go to gal (or sucker punch) in the Louisiana Legislature, it stands to reason that she supports the Cap and Trade proposal which will raise your electricity by 68% and increase the federal gas tax by $1.82 a gallon to $2.00 a gallon. Again, this will disproportionately hurt the poor. How will anybody making less than $20,000 afford to drive to work? What Karen Carter Peterson apparently wants is for the Louisiana state government to be another finger in the iron fist of big government that’s squeezing the life and freedom out of her constituents. Dear Karen, the Federal government is already burdening us with higher taxes, fines, and fees, don’t sucker punch your constituents with an already burdensome tax.

If Karen Carter Peterson cared about her constituents, what she would do is start finding ways to cut taxes so that businesses would be more likely to come to Louisiana as other states join the federal government in crushing their own constituents. Instead of making them pay more, help her constituents get jobs by encouraging businesses to come here. Cut cigarette taxes so that those smokers can use that money for other products and increasing the demand for other products and thus increasing jobs for your constituents. Let other states join in burdening their people with the weight of big bloated government. Let other state governments claim ownership of their people. Louisiana’s government ought to be alleviating the burden that it’s constituents face and removing barriers so that Louisiana citizens can live their own lives. That’s what I would do, if I were in her shoes.

But if I were in her shoes, and I was focused on my own political career, perhaps I would focus my tax war at poor people so rich people would give to my campaign to run for a higher office, say congress? What’s it going to be Karen? Your constituents, or buying political favor for your own political career?

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Raise Funds to Assist Military Families and Veterans

Manufacturing Close-Up June 30, 2011 CKE Restaurants, Inc. and its Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants raised more than $1 million for military families and veterans during the spring fundraiser that launched Stars for Troops, the chains’ new charitable program.

According to a release, the three week in-store fundraising campaign harnessed the national reach of both brands and the generosity of its customers to rally behind the patriotic cause. The funds raised will assist military families and veterans through national charity partnerships with Homes for Our Troops and USA Cares. freerestaurantcouponsnow.com free restaurant coupons

The inaugural Stars for Troops fundraising campaign kicked off in early May at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., and ran for three weeks. To participate, restaurant guests donated $1 in support of military charities. For each $1 donation, guests received a commemorative “Stars for Troops” cut out to personalize and place on display in the restaurant; in addition, they received restaurant coupons valued at more than $10 to use toward future purchases.

“I am proud to announce that we raised more than $1 million in the inaugural Stars for Troops fundraising effort,” said Andrew F. Puzder, chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants. “Advocating for our military families and veterans is a cause close to my heart and the hearts of our CKE employees, our franchisees and guests. Our customers’ contributions will go toward building homes and providing basic necessities for our injured veterans, as well as providing them and their families with crucial financial and advocacy support. I’ve had the opportunity to shake the hands of those helped by Homes for Our Troops and USA Cares in the past several months and I’m pleased with the campaign’s tremendous success.” “The funds raised in the Stars for Troops campaign will significantly help us to provide injured veterans and their families with homes that will help restore their freedom and independence,” said Dawn Teixeira, executive director for Homes for Our Troops. “Since 2004, Homes for Our Troops has committed to rebuilding the lives of 100 military families through the gift of a mortgage-free, specially adapted home. This commitment is set to be fulfilled in 2011. Thanks to the generosity of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s customers, we can look to building 100 more.” “USA Cares has been working directly with active duty soldiers, veterans, Guard and Reserve members and their families every day since 2003,” said Bill Nelson, executive director of USA Cares. “The Stars for Troops campaign raised not only much-needed funds to support these families who have fallen between the cracks of the government support structure, but also improved public awareness of the thousands of brave men and women who sacrificed their health in the name of our freedom.” The more than $1 million raised through the 2011 Stars for Troops fundraiser will directly support both local and national programs of Homes for Our Troops and USA Cares throughout the entire year. In addition, certain funds have been earmarked to benefit regional veterans and military groups with existing ties to individual Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurant communities. in our site free restaurant coupons

More Information:

www.homesforourtroops.org www.usacares.org www.hardees.com ((Comments on this story may be sent to newsdesk@closeupmedia.com))


I don't think that they really believe that smokers will quit smoking if cigarette prices go up. To my mind, the real reason they raised the prices is that they knew for sure that tobacco addicts will keep on buying cigarettes, because they can't shake this vice off so easily. So don't worry, smokers won't have to struggle with the "own health vs. children's health" dilemma any time soon.


The issue here is not whether smoking is good for you. The issue is not even whether it kills. The issue is not whether reducing smoking will save lives. The issue is whether the government has any business meddling in the decisions of free citizens. The answer to that question is NO. Reducing smoking would save X number of lives each year, so we should tax or put restrictions on smoking? Same logic: $1.00 per mile tax on automobile use; $5.00 PER POUND tax on citizens by weight (over average 'healthy' weight); register and license (tax) knives and knife owners (more people are killed by knives than by guns). Nonsense: quit meddling in the lives and decisions of other people. They have the right to make choices (even bad, unhealthy ones), then live with the consequences of those choices. That's called Liberty.


Harrison, let's be honest, if the product is so bad, why tax it? Just make it illegal.


You are absolutely correct. Representative Peterson is most definitely targeting a product. One that happens to be the largest health care burden on our state, one that, when used correctly, STILL happens to kill the most people in our state, and one that actually preys disproportionately on children and low-income. So, if increasing the price of a product saves lives, wasteful government spending on unnecessary health care costs, then yes I'm all for that. Actually, the people of Louisiana are too. Like it or not, Representative Peterson is only enacting a policy that happens to be very popular with the public. But nice try...

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