Obama’s Unjust and Cruel War

July 5, 2009

Hey London, hey Paris, hey Berlin, are you paying attention? Obama betrays our allies and sides with that child molester Daniel Ortega. He sides with despots like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel Castro, and Manuel Zelaya. He’s not on the side of democracy, he’s not on the side of liberty.

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya tried to run over the Honduran Constitution by trying to abolish term limits despite the ruling by the Honduran Supreme Court that the vote was unconstitutional. What happened here is that his party maintained control of the Presidency, the new President is an interim President and will not run for the Presidency later this year. The Honduran government is trying to save democracy, and our President will not respect Honduran sovereignty. Can you trust him to respect your sovereignty later on?

Will Obama try to stop a war now that the child molester Daniel Ortega is sending troops to the Honduran border? Our President has done nothing as North Korea has launched missiles threatening two of our allies – South Korea and Japan. He refused to stand up for peace in the Middle East as he let Ahmadinejad’s government slaughter it’s citizens, leaving Iraq at risk to Iran. Most certainly he will stand by and watch as Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega force Hondurans to take back the dictator, promising death to the citizens of the sovereign nation should they resist. And Daniel Ortega loves to have people murdered, just ask the mayor of Managua. Oops, I’m sorry the mayor of Managua apparently committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart— imagine that.

For all the criticisms we had for George W. Bush, at least he left office when his term ended… and my gut feeling is before too much longer, we’re all going to be heaping praise on our last President as a great man. Hello London, hello Paris, hello Berlin? You better answer the call before we all say… Good bye America.


Notice a pattern here? Israel is the only democracy in that part of the world but I guess they're unworthy since they don't pray with their butts in the air...

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