Oh Little State Of Louzzi-ann…….

December 19, 2007

Well, dear readers, tis the season, which means we need to make a list and….. well, you know. So we submit for your consideration a few holiday gift suggestions for this year’s most memorable Louisianans:

Bobby Jindal: Time. I suggest we all give him some – he’s gonna need it.

Kathleen Blanco: A Road Home (D’oh!). Or if the wait for that is too long, might I suggest a German steel mill – though the wait for that may be even longer…

William Jefferson: A new freezer. Go with a chest-type; he doesn’t do upright.

FEMA: This is a tricky one, as I don’t know how one would wrap eternal damnation. Is a bow involved?

The Legislature: Lumps of coal. Not for anything specific, just for aspiring to be Legislators.

Ray Nagin: A ‘Get Out Of Voting Free’ card. Or, an ‘I “heart” Dallas’ bumper sticker.

David Vitter: Some Vaseline and an imagination.

Oliver Thomas: Ditto, Vitter.

Robert Cerasoli: A budget. Some Post-it notes and a few filing cabinets would also be appreciated.

Walter Boasso: Some ‘Tide™’ and a hose.

Foster Campbell: Who?

John Georges: A plan to recycle all of those unused copies of the ‘Georges Plan’.

LSU Coach Les Miles: A free Louisiana driver’s license renewal; good for one year.

Brittany Spears: Underwear.

Mary Landrieu: A signed picture of herself with Hillary Clinton.

John Kennedy: A signed picture of Mary Landrieu with Hillary Clinton.

Charles Foti: A copy of ‘Trial Law for Dummies’.

The Ethics Board: Some ethics.

Buddy Caldwell and Royal Alexander: Less mud.

And last – Alabama Coach Nick Saban: A chance to play the Bunkie Pre-K ‘Disobedient Ponies’ – about the only Louisiana school the ‘Crimson Tide’ has a 50/50 shot at beating.

Happy Holidays to all!

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Spell-Check: Boy’s Catch Saves a Spot in Spelling Bee

NPR All Things Considered June 2, 2006 | ROBERT SIEGEL ROBERT SIEGEL All Things Considered (NPR) 06-02-2006 Spell-Check: Boy’s Catch Saves a Spot in Spelling Bee

Host: ROBERT SIEGEL Time 20:00-21:00 PM

Play Audio


Drama was spelled H-E-C-H-S-H-E-R last night at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. website online spell check

(Soundbite of spelling bee)


Ms. SARYN HOOKS: Hechsher?


Ms. HOOKS: Hechsher, okay, definition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE #1: Hechsher is a rabbinical endorsement or a certification especially of food products that conform with traditional Jewish dietary laws. Hechsher. site online spell check

Ms. HOOKS: Hechsher.

SIEGEL: 14-year-old Saryn Hooks from North Carolina nailed the spelling in the eighth round, but the judges didn’t know it. They eliminated Saryn and the round continued. But about 12 minutes later, in one of the most remarkable turnabouts in the history of organized competitive spelling, Saryn was back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE #2: Before we begin Round 9, Speller number 180, Saryn Hooks, you probably saw some hesitation on the judges part. We made a mistake. You spelled the word correctly. Would you please take

(Soundbite of audience cheering)

SIEGEL: Saryn Hooks ended last night’s bee in third place, thanks in large part, to the brother of another contestant. Lucas Brown, a seventh grader from Poway, California, was in Washington last night to watch his sister, Julie. But even after his sister’s elimination in Round 5, Lucas kept watching and comparing spellings on his laptop computer.


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