Oh Robin Leach, wherefore art thou?

June 19, 2012

by Mark Parham

Mr. Leach, you are missing the opportunity of your lifetime. The greatest reality TV show is playing out before us and your style, with your vast experience covering the life styles of the rich and famous, could portray to the countless zero liability voters that are blind to the news of what is truly happening before their blind eyes. We have be made the recipients of this mess due to the ignorance of those wishing for change. Well Mr. Leach, we are running out of change, and dollars rapidly. Your last show on the rich and famous aired on September 2, 1995 and your talents of hob-knobbing are left wanting compared to this new family.

There’s the Hawaii vacation that comes in at nearly 3.7 million with an additional expense for “Aides” and such bringing the total to a mere 4.1 million. Last summer the little women traveled on numerous occasions for a cost of 10 million. Did I mention the African trek at a cost of 400K? These celebs enjoy life at its finest and it’s everyone’s dream to have, at some time in their lives, an ultimate vacation experience such as these. Then we wake up knowing we foot the bill for all these trips and hope some day our children will be able to pay off this deb

Mr. Leach, it reminds me of the old 1940’s film titled “The Life of Riley” that portrayed the ideal family living the ideal life. Although it’s comedic in nature, the problem is they seemed to enjoy it by the blood, sweat and tears of others. Which brings me to the modern day Riley family living off the American tax payer like there’s no tomorrow. President Obama and Princess Michelle, you would swear they were Royalty with no regard to the working man or the trials he may face. The blatant lack of the main stream media to expose President Obama for the threat that he poses to our future now lies with conservative news outlets that are preaching to the choir. The need to reach those crucial voters, blinded by the shiny new building syndrome, by a medium that attracts their attention remains to become engaged.

A video Dedicated to the voters I owe. President Obama


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