Oh, What a Relief It Is!

November 5, 2008

I’ve got a confession to make, I wasn’t that opposed to seeing Barack Obama win the Presidency. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not over joyous about his ascension. I’m gravely disappointed that we won’t have a conservative in the White House… but then again, we haven’t had a real conservative in the White House since 1988, so I’m kind of used to it.

Yes, I believe Barack is going to be a terrible President. Yes, I believe he was born in another country. Yes, I believe he’s going to raise taxes on the middle class. I do believe that he’s simply not good for our country. So why would I, if I love my Country so much, be relieved to see a guy who I think is going to be terrible for our nation become President?

It’s simple, really. It’s easier to throw stones than to avoid them. I had no confidence in John McCain’s ability to lead our nation in the right direction. I felt like his policies were going to be as bad as Mr. Obama’s, with the big difference being that Barack Obama didn’t try to hide that he was a socialist. That’s the big difference, one was a closet socialist (McCain) and the other was an open socialist (Obama).

John McCain’s Presidency would have been terrible as his campaign was, and it would have been very difficult for me to defend my vote had John McCain become the President instead. How can I as a conservative vote for John McCain, or George Bush for that matter, and still call myself a conservative? With George Bush it really came down to two issues, the first being that he let the assault rifles ban ride off into the sunset, something that should be extremely important to anybody who loves the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The other was simply the Supreme Court and the future of the United States Constitution. The question before the people of the United States was should we empower 9 people to decide what Rights should be according to their feelings (9 dictators deciding the fate of the country) or should the 9 judges hold that document with the utmost respect, ensuring that our Rights that came from God Himself be stable?

With John McCain, I could no longer take that chance with my party and would have, upon his election, become very critical of John McCain. I’m sick of my party that has abandoned the principles of Liberty and tried to out socialize the Democrat party. If I wanted Jackasses for my President, I would have voted Democrat to begin with. Why win off win with “Conservativism” to only try to implement more socialism? To make the government bigger?

Why, as people who believe in less government decide the Patriot Act, a war time measure, was necessary for times of peace and make it permanent? We sat around criticizing the Democrats for not drilling for oil during the last two years, and we pointed out how Clinton wouldn’t open up drilling in 1995, but why in the hell didn’t we open up drilling between 2000 and 2006? We had both the Congress and the White House then. What a most opportune time it would have been immediately after 9-11 to do so. We would have had the majority of Americans on our side, most would be eager to open up drilling since it would have helped drive down the price of oil and hurt the Middle Eastern countries economically. It would have made any wars much easier to fight since they wouldn’t have been able to sell their oil at $4.00 a barrel and fund the war against us. What were we thinking?

We spent too much time since George Bush took his first oath of office throwing conservatism out the window. When I watched the first debate with John McCain and Mr. Obama, I cringed for the first 45 minutes. I felt more confidence in picking a bum off the street and having him fix the economy than I did in either of those two jokers. Neither of them inspired any confidence, but the real problem was that John McCain suspended his campaign in order to go back to Washington D.C. to help “fix” the crisis. How could he be incapable of answering any of the questions? He voted for the Bush proposed bail-out, which isn’t a conservative idea. Quite frankly, as a conservative, I’m sick and tired of seeing every lazy, irresponsible, or greedy Tom, Dick, and Harry with their hands out to the government getting assistance while hard working, responsible, and selfless person is forced to pay for it. Under a conservative administration, hard working people should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor, responsible people should be able to enjoy their happiness, and every selfless person ought to make the decisions when it comes to who their money goes to help out.

I cringed every time I heard John McCain utter the words “the greed on Wall Street”. It’s the Federal Government, and congress, who sets the rules that Wall Street has to play by. Over 50% of the American population is on Wall Street. The majority of investors come from Main Street. You don’t think that people who have money tied up in Wall Street aren’t paying attention to their money and don’t realize that Congress had foisted this failed system onto Wall Street? You don’t think most people with a 401k didn’t research and find out how Barney Franks, Barack Obama, and other Democrats in congress defended a system that was about to collapse? Investors have the right to make a living and the more our government forces bad ideas onto them or punishes them, the more likely they are going to go to greener pastures, ie, send our jobs overseas.

Yes, I’m relieved. It’s Democrats intentions to expand more of the same. Now Democrats will have to defend the the same ideas that have wrecked my country. Maybe now, just maybe, my Party will actually stand up for conservatism, and my Country can get back on the path to being the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave once again.


I'm inclined to agree. I did vote for McCain, and I argued hard for him as the better candidate of the two, but he is only a conservative when compared to Comrad Obama. It is my sincere hope that Obama plays Carter to a future Reagan.


I did ponder a McCain win. I felt we'd possibly be putting off the inevitable. McCain is not a conservative.

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