Oil Jumps Higher, Thank Cazayoux

July 30, 2008

Today Don “Couillon” Cazayoux did just a little bit more to earn his nickname “Couillon”. It was a close vote to adjourn, so close infact that Don “Couillon” Cazayoux cast the deciding vote to adjourn without passing any significant energy bill. At the time oil was dropping off in price, but once the vote came through, oil jumped five dollars higher. Thanks a lot “Couillon”. If Michael Jackson needed any more of a reason to be in the Sixth Congressional race, than this is it.

When Don “Couillon” Cazayoux voted to adjourn, he voted to force the poor to continue to make the hard decisions of putting gas in their tank or to buy a gallon of milk. Think he cares? Nope. What he cares about is that Nancy Pelosi is saving the planet. What good does it do, Mr. “Couillon”, to save the planet when we’re starving today?

Mr. Couillon, open the floodgates of drilling. Mr. Couillon, tear down the barriers that prevent drilling for oil.

Mr. Couillon voted to adjourn before allowing drilling, and for what? So he could come back here and tell us how he’s for drilling for oil when he’s a key person standing in the way? What a joke. Let’s see if the Advocate or WBRZ actually pick up on this or if they stay in his back pocket. I wasn’t a big fan of Richard Baker, but now I regret that he retired. Hell, I regret that I didn’t do more to help the Republicans keep this seat.

Remember this, remember to vote, kick the Couillon out.


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