Oil Shortage?

September 5, 2011


Leon Puissegur

We are told that the world is running out of oil and our President stated that the United States had only 2 percent of the world’s oil and we have to find another energy source. If we are to believe this, then we should just shove our heads into the sand and allow this to continue as the President wishes. I worked offshore for a short while and found this to be questionable at best and an outright lie at least. I began looking at this from an average persons point of view and made discoveries that not only show the very ideas of many people today to be wrong and very inaccurate. I looked into where the oil may lay and what type of oil could be found. I questioned Geologists and many others about certain wells that seemed to “refill”. From all this I found that what President Obama stated is a very large misstatement of FACTS! I found that the United States holds within just 3 states more oil then the entire World has on hand.

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On September 29th, 2010 in an article by Brian Hicks, it is clearly stated;

“The leaked government document fueling America’s largest ONSHORE oil rush.

The mainstream media hardly picked up on it yet…

But a leaked document just sparked the largest onshore oil rush in North America’s history.

You see, it describes, in detail, a breakthrough drilling technique that allows energy companies to successfully unlock the largest oil and gas deposits on earth.

How Large?

About three (3) trillion barrels worth of oil…AND more then one quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas!

That’s more oil then 11 Saudi Arabias.

And it’s all on safe North American soil!”

Mr. Hicks is writing about the Bakken formation, which goes from North Dakota through Montana and into Canada! This formation lies just under the ground and is being drilled today, even though Obama is doing all he can to stop this drilling! In North Dakota, one McDonald’s is paying $15 per hour to try and hire people to keep up with the demands of the people buying their products! Houses are being built while people live in trailers. Oil companies are hiring anyone that can work on their oil rigs, truck drivers are being hired at rates never seen before in sections of North Dakota! All this is going on while our President Obama is doing all he can to stop drilling so his friends can send jobs overseas to develop Obama’s “Green Energy”!

The World Energy Council even confirmed that the United States and Canada hold the Largest Oil deposits on Earth! Even with this knowledge, Obama still does all he can to stop the development of all this oil. What Mr. Hicks does not mention is what is needed to make our nation totally independent of all foreign oil! Mr. Hicks also does not discuss the vast amounts of oil just waiting to be extracted from the ground in yet another VERY large oil formation known as the “Green River” formation. This formation is estimated to hold some 2 trillion barrels of oil in 3 states, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming! Given all this information, it clearly shows that our nation holds more oil then the ENTIRE world has on hand! One more piece to the puzzle as to why our nation has not developed these sources of fuel needs to be explained.

As of today, the United States has to send a large amount of oil to some of our enemies to refine the raw oil into gasoline, and other fuels. I spoke to one Geologist who explained to me why this is. He informed me that over 100 independent refineries had to shut down due to regulations and other problems. This geologist told me that if the United States built and ran 100 new oil refineries, the United States, our nation would not need one drop of oil from any other nation and we would be placing thousands if not millions of people to work in the oil fields, and refineries and all the associated businesses that go along with this. What is our biggest problem with this not being done? Simply stated, Obama’s energy policies do not allow “New refineries” to be built because the Environmental Protection Agency has enacted the very “Cap ad Trade” law that was voted down by Congress!

I should also mention that in North Louisiana a very huge Natural Gas field was discovered. With all these oil and gas fields being found one has to ask why is our nation even considering taking oil from a foreign nation when our nation has more then all the world has? In my research I also discovered a little known report in the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Cooper. In Mr. Cooper’s article, he shows how a well called Eugene Island 330 just off the coast of Louisiana, discovered in 1973 and producing 15,000 barrels of oil per day. In 1989 the production had slowed to 4,000 barrels a day. But this well suddenly began producing 13,000 barrels of oil a day and the reserves that had been 60 million barrels jumped to 400 million barrels a day. Scientists were called in and they ran all sorts of surveys and discovered a fissure that was pumping oil into the formation that looked like a water hose filling the formation with oil from a huge bubble below. Roger Anderson from Columbia University was amazed at what was found.

Wood’s Hole Dr. Whelan was invited to this Eugene Island 330 to see what was going on. I have tried to contact all these people and it is like they do not wish to discuss this Eugene Island 330 and it is my belief that it is because of a theory that some geologists hold called “Abiotic oil”, this is not to be confused with “Fossil Fuel”. “Abiotic Oil” theory is that the Earth produces oil and gas all the time and the Earth does not ever run out of oil or gas. As one scientist explained about Saudi Arabia, “If they had that much oil from dead animals, it would mean that the animals would have had to be over a mile high!” This last part here is just a theory, but could one just imagine what would happen to oil prices if it was proven that oil replenishes itself!! All in all, I am now believing that if our nation had the right President that would allow drilling and the building of 100 new oil refineries, our nation could tell all our enemies to keep their oil and store it where the sun don’t shine!

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