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November 29, 2007

Now that’s my kind of conservatism… from WAFB.com

Louisiana’s new agriculture commissioner moves in January 14th and his takeover could mean a show-down between old staff and new. Dr. Mike Strain of Covington says he’ll replace about 70% of the top brass inside Bob Odom’s current agriculture leadership.
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Bob Odom has been Louisiana’s agriculture commissioner for 28 years, almost three decades of the same manager and the same rules, until now. “So, that department’s not used to change of this type, so unfortunately, there will be some anxiety,” says Commissioner-elect Dr. Mike Strain. Odom chose to retire, rather than possibly lose a run-off election to veterinarian Mike Strain. The commissioner-elect says no one is guaranteed to keep their job. “We’re going to make a decision based on each individual, who to keep and who to replace,” he says.

I have to admit, I wasn’t so sure about what kind of Ag Commissioner Mike Strain was going. I really didn’t get my hopes up that he was going to be a change over from Bob Odom. I’m pleased at what I’m seeing thus far, a change in not just Odom, but in his staff as well?

But what I hope Mike Strain will do, not just because he’s a Republican, but for the sake of Louisiana. He needs to reduce the power of that position. It’s a position that nobody really cares about when they go vote, but it impacts them perhaps moreso than any other office they vote for.

Hopefully he’ll follow Secretary of State Jay Dardenne’s lead as well, that is to eliminate unnecessary positions. We have a great opportunity to reduce government spending at the top now that we’ve captured the majority of statewide elected offices and it’s up to the our Republican officials to not forgot who they are. It’s our responsibility as voters not to let them forget it.

Funny, the man who I had little faith in, the man that Jindal wouldn’t endorse in the runoff, he’s the guy acting like the conservative thus far. Way to go Dr. Strain, and thank you Secretary Dardenne for all you have done thus far. Keep it up.

The western facade of Biltmore House faces the Deer Park and the lagoon in Asheville, North Carolina.

KRT Photos March 1, 2004 | TINA CORNETT go to website asheville north carolina

KRT Photos 03-01-2004


— NO MAGS, NO SALES — KRT LIFESTYLE STORY SLUGGED: HOME-OLMSTED KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY ALLEN ROKACH/SOUTHERN LIVING (March 11) The western facade of Biltmore House faces the Deer Park and the lagoon in Asheville, North Carolina. (mvw) 2004 MANDATORY CREDIT:


Document Name|LIFE HOME-OLMSTED 1 SH ————-+————————————————- Document Date|Mar/1/2004 ————-+————————————————- Photographer |TINA CORNETT ————-+————————————————- Format |2000 x 1301 Color JPEG ————-+————————————————- Category |A ————-+————————————————- |krtnational national, krtnature nature, krtgarden |garden gardening, krtedonly, 2004, krt2004 ————-+————————————————- website asheville north carolina

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