Once again we are asked to “Trust Them”

August 3, 2011

Once again those that foot the bill for the spending binge our government has been on for decades and sharply accelerated by the current administration were sold out.

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When America placed its futures in the hands of the most arrogant and irresponsible group of people, the liberals, when the Republicans let us down the last time we suffered the consequences. The last election the people spoke loudly and said enough is enough and swept into office candidates in record numbers to all levels of government that were willing to put our country before their jobs and made a stand. Thank you for standing on principle and keeping your word. This was refreshing to see although these patriots were called everything from terrorists by the vice-president, not Americans by Harry Reid, Hobbits by John McCain, radicals by others and even Tea Party Scum by one they stood firm. The establishment Republican leadership talked tough because they had all the political leverage they needed to turn us away from the cliff and courageously passed Cut, Cap and Balance by a strong majority. Democrats never made an effort to counter with their own plan or vision of how they would rectify the spending problem they for the most part gave us. The Democrats had two years of total control where they shut Republicans out of everything and went on a spending spree like no other but somehow it’s the Republicans fault. Democrats said Cut, Cap and Balance was dead on arrival. Did the Republicans hold firm? No. They started negotiating with themselves to find a plan that would appease and satisfy the Democrats just to get a bill passed. That was more important than what was good of those paying the bills for government mismanagement while trying to pay their own bills. Once again the Republicans except for those of the Tea Party showed their cowardice in the face of a fight. Aside from the Tea Party Republicans I see no difference between the parties. I am also very disappointed with our delegation in the House. They all voted for this sellout. David Vitter was the only one with the courage to vote with the people. Thank you.

This bill does nothing to avert the train wreck that is coming. How is spending 2.4 trillion dollars more with a promises of cuts in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Congresses from now a good deal? History tells us this will never happen, its deception. How is it that by the end of this decade we will be better off with a 23 trillion dollar debt rather than a 25 trillion dollar debt? How can that be considered meaningful debt reduction? These Oscar Mayer Republicans (Weenie’s) want to be loved by the Dem’s and the media and the people be damned. I have no confidence or faith in the establishment Republicans. My confidence, faith and support lie with the Tea Party Republicans.

During the whole debate I did not hear anyone seriously propose the elimination of a single duplicative program, department, cutting a budget, eliminating the automatic 7.5% increase in all government budgets or anything of the sort. It appears to me that the only ones asked to sacrifice are the taxpayers. Not counting social security and Medicare, no one receiving benefits were asked to sacrifice either. How do these politicians view the American people? Do they view us as individuals with lives and responsibilities to our families or do they view us as just a resource of funds to harvest when needed and our bills and obligations be damned, government comes first. With all the talk about compromise, if a bill is proposed for the sake of compromise and it is detrimental to the health of our nation should it be passed just to show that they can all agree on something and get it passed?

God bless all those active members of the Tea Party Movement. We have made huge gains in the last election but this debacle shows that there is much more to do. I feel we have one more opportunity to avert the train wreck and that is the 2012 elections.

I do not think our fate as a nation is sealed yet, 2012 will determine that. We the people control our destiny not Washington.

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