Open Letter to Governor Blanco

March 11, 2007

I was inspired by this open letter to Governor Blanco, only difference is, I disagree. I’m writing to encourage Governor Blanco to run.

Dear Governor Blanco, I will try to keep this short because we all are too aware of how you like to take naps.

January 12, 2004 doesn’t seem that long ago.

That’s the day you took the oath of office. That day, Louisianans had high hopes. It didn’t matter that you were a woman. Unfortunately for some people, qualifications aren’t important, at least not as important as you being white. A position that your campaign apparently took advantage of by darkening the tone of Bobby Jindal’s skin before they sent a flyer out. How dishonorable, and you hadn’t even taken the oath of office. Yet Jindal wanted to rise above the negativity and wouldn’t attack back. It turned out to be a mistake, but not for his political career, for the state of Louisiana.

Then came President Bush to LSU to give the commencement speech, but you couldn’t find the time to meet and greet the most powerful man in the nation, choosing to disrespect the man and the voters of the state by doing so. If that wasn’t enough, you sought to further disrespect the President of our country by going to Cuba to make a deal with Fidel, who by the way, reneged on deals with his allies. He is also a man who throws people in jail if they are caught with fish, yet you rushed to eat lobster (another illegal food for the average Cuban) with the tyrant. Remember that this enemy of the United States demanded Elian Gonzalez be returned to live with his father, but when the parents of Sandra Becerra defected to Brazil, Fidel would not let the 11 year old girl go live with her parents. For El Presidente, you dropped everything so he could wine and dine you. Did you hold the despot with awe and reverance by candle light the night he dined you? Yet, you could not respect the President of your own country?

You couldn’t find the time to meet President Bush when he came to town, but can hold a party for a man who couldn’t decide who he was from one day to the next? Governor, John Kerry was flip flopping so much, how could you be sure he’d even show up to the party? I suppose that is a little unfair to you Governor, after all, whenever a woman has a lot of cash to give away, John Kerry is surely going to be there. At least John Kerry is consistent when it comes to chasing women with money.

But I digress. Governor, as bad as your tenure had been, nothing could have prepared the citizens of Louisiana for your utter ineptness to manage government. On August 29, 2005, the national media put a spotlight on just how terrible things were in Louisiana, and there you were, crying, complaining, and shifting the blame onto everybody else. You complained that the Bush administration wasn’t doing enough, but instead of doing something for the state, you were too busy shopping around for somebody to renovate your office and your staff searched their closets for clothes that would make you look like you were hard at work. Then if your finger pointing wasn’t enough, you tried to exclude yourself from any wrong doing by talking about how overwhelmed you were. Why are you the only person who’s allowed to be “overwhelmed” by such a catastrophic event?

Not only did you insult the President on previous occassions, you insulted him at a time when we needed his administration the most. You couldn’t get along with the mayor of New Orleans either, Senator Landrieu threatened to punch the President, crybaby Broussard goes on National Television, makes up a story, and like you also did, cries in front of the Nation, and both of our Senators adds insult to injury with a bill so stuffed with useless spending, that even the nontaxpayer in other states were furious. Do I need to remind you just what an embarrassment our leaders were to the state in front of the whole nation? And let’s not forget how while people died, you couldn’t make a decision. Just one question, when you needed the “24 hours to think about it”, did that cut into your naptime?

Then you get into a fight with Senator Vitter after he calls you out on a plan to further economically hinder the hurricane ravaged victims with a toll road. Governor, you can’t get along with President Bush, you can’t get along with Mayor Ray Nagin, you can’t get along with Senator Vitter, you can’t get along with John Kennedy, you can’t even get along with the state legislature. Governor, is there anybody you can get along with?

Your “Road Home” program doesn’t just have potholes, it’s condemned. I suggest you call in the accountants from Enron or Global Crossings. I know they have their problems, but it certainly would be a step up from what we currently are dealing with in your administration.

And if that wasn’t enough, President Bush had enough courtesy not to mention Louisiana in his state of the Union address. What did you do? Again, you embarrassed the State of Louisiana. Do you really think that the rest of the nation needed to look at your ineptness again? What good do you think would have come from it? Is it any wonder why the rest of the nation thinks of us as a bunch of hillbillies? After how our state politicians were so hostile to him, pointing our fingers at him, blaming him, chiding him, threatening him, why would he even consider giving us any more airtime? If anybody got the same type of treatment that we gave President Bush during our most dire time, they’d eventually turn their backs on us too.

I know this sounds as if I am trying to further discourage you from seeking reelection, but I assure you that I am hoping with all my heart that you run again. You see, if you drop out of the race, the Democrats just might rally around another Democrat, and the “Bubba” vote goes to him.

I don’t blame you, at least not entirely, for the debacle of your tenure. You’re a Democrat, and doing nothing is what Democrats do best. When the Soviet influence gained momentum in Central America and threatened our nation and Iran took Americans hostage, Jimmy Carter did nothing. When the twin towers and USS Cole was bombed by terrorist, Clinton stood by and did nothing, well, at least he found time to roast little children in Waco, Texas.

Remember how grateful the nation was after 9-11 that Al Gore didn’t really win? Because we all know he would have done nothing. Well, he would have kept terrorist from coming in through our seaports, but would continue to let them come through our Mexican border.

Aren’t we all glad that John Kerry wasn’t President during Hurricane Katrina? Just think, he could have voted for buses before he voted against them. He could have voted for the Coast Gaurd before he voted against them. I can imagine him being on the plane with Mayor Nagin and yourself. After telling him you needed 24 hours he probably would have said, “I need an answer now, you have 48 hours to think about it.” Hurricane Katrina would have been an even bigger disaster than it already is.

Governor, what you are is merely a symbol. A symbol of Democrat incompetence. A symbol of the the old gaurd. A symbol of what ailes this state. The people of this state want a change. People are tired of the same old, same old. The voters of this state are ready for a change. If you step down, I’m afraid we’ll get another person in there who will run this state in much the same manner as you have. If you drop out of the race, and endorse Bobby Jindal, you could single handedly kill his chances of being the next Governor.

If you run again, that almost garuntees that Bobby Jindal will be our next governor. That change can begin to become a reality. It won’t just be symbolic.


That's funny Lisa, I was thinking the same thing about you. If you love freedom so much and think George Bush should be disrespected, why are you here? Shouldn't you be enjoying a free country like Venezuela where Hugo Chavez stands up against Bush? Or do you just prefer to live in America and do nothing while other people are systematically murdered by their governments? Is THAT why you wish Saddam was still in power?

Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson

but you couldn’t find the time to meet and greet the most powerful man in the nation, choosing to disrespect the man and the voters of the state by doing so. If that wasn’t enough, you sought to further disrespect the President of our country HAHAHA...Thanks for the hearty laugh dude! Bush deserves to be dis-respected... By the way... WHAT are you doing here in USA? Shouldn't you be in Iraq fighting for your AWOL powerful man you blindly call "President"....


Well said, and inspired by the grueling incompetence that cost lives and demolished dreams. Governor Blanco deserves neither the respect afforded a leader, nor the power granted a governor. Katrina, if it taught us anything, must be remembered as a critical example of the danger of an unprepared and unwilling government to protect its people. The federal government did not fail - it cannot be the first responder, only the clean up crew. State governments are there not just for ribbon cutting ceremonies, they are instituted to function during times of great danger. Governor Blanco misremembers her duties. But she will be reelected, as was Nagin, and the addage will be proved yet again - we all get the government we deserve...

GM Roper
GM Roper

Awesome letter Jeffery. Having written a number of open letters myself, I humbly bow in the presence of a master! Undoubtedly, Governor Blanco will run again, not because of your letter, which she will doubtlessly dismiss as the meanderings of a wild eyed conservative, but because she is, as you have noted well my friend, a ruthless, racist, narcissistic, power hungry lady without a lick of sense. Again, great letter. GM Roper

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