Open Letter To Mary Landrieu

November 23, 2009

Dear Senator Mary Landrieu,

In the words of Ricky Ricardo, you got some splainin’ to do. This state is clearly against this health care bill and you voted to move it forward despite the overwhelming wishes of your constituents. Avoiding your constituents can not continue to be your response. Reserving and filling the front four rows with people who are obviously for the health care bill at a town hall only serves as an indication that you are more interested in advancing this agenda than serving your constituents. Don’t hide from your constituents over this Thanksgiving break, don’t stay in Washington D.C., come home and face your community, that is, if you still have an inkling of care for this community.

Come home, hit the airwaves, and tell the people exactly what this bill will do that you liked it enough to vote for it. Tell us, and cite the pages so that we may verify that those very provisions that you are talking about are in there. “Uh, Uh” is not an adequate excuse. Niether is pushing forward this agenda for the sake of change. Many of your fellow Democrats have figured out that our nation would be much better off with either Bush or Clinton in office, and you are betraying even them. With Obama, “Change” means, changing everything about this country, even things that make us a good country, and especially the things that make us a great country.

Senator Landrieu, certainly you have noticed that this President has chosen not to judge the terrorist who shot up Fort Hood, but quickly judged an officer as acting stupidly, even as the President admitted he did not know all the facts. Perhaps you noticed when this President sat idly by and did nothing to aid the people of Iran in their attempt to overthrow a dictator, a dictator, mind you, that is hostile to this country when those people are not, and yet quickly coming to the defense of wannabe dictator Manuel Zelaya and criticizing a legal coup. He denounced the coup saying it was the end of coups in Central America, and yet he sided with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega, all who held their own bloody coups and leading their respective nations into poverty. The evidence is mounting against this President and he shows little interest in taking a more pro-America stance. It’s not about race, it’s not about gender, it’s not even about political parties anymore, as even many of your fellow Democrats are beginning to break away. Will you choose to side with your fellow Louisianians, or will you side with the him?

You campaigned for re-election running far away from the current administration, but quickly ran into their arms like a distraught teenaged girl. How disappointing you have been to this state. Mary, tell us what you liked about this bill, these four reams of a paper monstrosity, and cite the pages. Do you like that it ends HSA’s, of which many of your constituents are happy with and serves as a cheaper alternative? Don’t just come back with the Harry Reid talking points that we can get off of any talk show, give us real substance.

And one last thing Senator, do as you wish, but if you vote for this bill and you won’t listen to your constituents, if you won’t take your job serious, then I ask that you resign so that this state might have two Senators representing this state, instead of just one.


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