Open Letter To The Baton Rouge Media

February 10, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been called to our attention that many of Mayor Kip Holden’s antics have been left unreported in our local media. When accusations were printed and sent out in a public flyer of the Mayor having a sexual affair with another man’s wife, only one news media outlet dared to report on it, and did so as if it were a hoax. They also seemed to deliver a word of caution from the Mayor’s legal counsel to those who wrote the accusations. But that news story never followed up on the actual accusations being made in that flyer. We at Louisiana Conservative have learned through our time of writing on current events since 2004, that when a politician insists of his or her innocence, usually following up will prove the accusations were indeed… TRUE.

So we began to ask the question in which you, our local media, did not: “Do these accusations bear any truth?” After doing our research, it leaves us to conclude one of two things:

If you would just barely scratch the surface you will find some rumors. If you scratched a little deeper, you will find more truth and even more rumors. The deeper you scratch, the more truth you will find. Additionally, the severity of these rumors continue to get worse and worse. One can easily conclude that you are protecting the Mayor by refusing to investigate. If this is the case, then my question would be, “Why would you stake your reputation and the reputation of your colleagues by denying the Baton Rouge public the truth?”

The second conclusion is that it’s not a cover-up on your behalf and what you really need is a little professional help. That would be us, Louisiana Conservative, sent to help the professionals do their job. You want to ask some questions? Let’s start with Kip’s appearance at the state capitol on May 22, 2007, when he appeared in front of the Criminal Justice Committee. Did you call it to the public’s attention that our Mayor had injuries on his face and that he claimed he slipped and fell onto a doorknob? Is that believable? Do you think it’s possible, just maybe, that politicians lie?

Since the flyer was a lead story that Kip Holden and Mary Olive Pierson claimed were slanderous and that they also claimed that there would be legal action taken against those involved, where are the follow up stories? Did they ever catch the perpetrators? In fact, we did our research and what we found was that the accusations made against the Mayor were indeed true, and we named names.

Why is Darrell Glasper suing Kip Holden for Slander? Did the Sharper brothers ever get convicted or even charged? Why was Scott Wilfong found innocent of any wrong doing? Why did Mary Olive Pierson drop the investigation? Is it true that Kip Holden believes he can use the media to destroy anybody he so chooses? Why did Kip Holden consistently need his body guards with him until 2 a.m. and often until 4 a.m.? What Mayoral duties was he fulfilling? We’re certain he was filling something at taxpayers’ expense, but it was surely not his duties as Mayor.

In fact, as one example, you will note that during the week of the Fourth of July 2007, Mayor Kip Holden had spent every night out until the morning hours. However, the police officers that were protecting him were sent home early on the fourth. Why is that significant? Because there was a shooting at the levee after the fireworks event. If ever there was a night that Mayor Holden needed protection late into the morning, it would be on the night that there was a shooting at a city-sponsored event.

What if you found the accusations in the flyer to be true, as we found them to be? What would the purpose of the on-duty police officer be to stay outside of the house of a married woman in which Kip Holden was having a sexual affair? Would it be to prevent the husband from entering his own home in which he pays property taxes? Is it legal for the police to prevent a man from entering his own home when he personally has done nothing wrong? What if this man who allegedly beat Kip Holden grabbed a pistol and chased after the Mayor? Would it be the duty of the police officer to protect the Mayor then? If that would have happened, would he be justified in his actions? Is the Mayor unjustly putting the lives of the officers at risk?

Perhaps you feel that the general public feels as if this is all unimportant – that what Kip does with his personal sex life is his business. I assure you that those who may not care, will not until it happens to them. Then they will ask the question, “Why doesn’t somebody do something about this?” You know the saying of how silence is approval. Do you wish to continue to approve of this by staying silent? Or do you wish to bring this injustice to the public’s attention?

Since we began to ask questions, we have found that many more people are willing to come forward to us to give more information. We have learned that the incident cited in the flyer may not be the only one. We have also learned that there are many other things that the public – notably the residents and taxpayers of Baton Rouge – need to be aware of concerning Kip Holden in which we will be happy to report since you are failing to do so.

We recommend you start researching whether or not our Mayor is really doing his job. Now, you could hire us – but then again, we kind of relish this role of outshining you.

Yours truly,

Louisiana Conservative


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