Open Records Request Sent to BR Police Chief, City Council

March 12, 2012

Mayor Kip Holden’s problems continue to get worse as the attorney’s for John Pierce and Darrell Glasper sent an FOIA request to Baton Rouge Police Chief and noted that “for the Inspector General’s office to become involved, they MUST be INVITED by the Baton Rouge Metro Council”.

12 March 12 Public Download Directions to Public

12 March 12 Public Download Request Chief White

Atlantic Cape Community College limiting purchases and hiring as enrollment drops site cumberland county college

Press of Atlantic City February 20, 2012 | D’amico, Diane MAYS LANDING — Atlantic Cape Community College will reduce purchasing and restrict hiring in response to reduced enrollment during the 2011-12 academic year and projected declines over at least the next two years.

Atlantic Cape President Peter Mora said in a memo sent to the college community Thursday that no new purchases will be approved after March 15 unless they are authorized as essential. The memo said the college also will place “significant restrictions” on all new hires and replacements.

Mora was unavailable for comment Monday. College spokeswoman Kathleen Corbalis said the college is not instituting a job freeze, but every job opening will be reviewed. The Atlantic Cape website showed no job openings Monday.

Mora said in his memo that the college had anticipated a 3 percent decline in enrollment this year, but the decline in credits taken by students was 5 percent. He said that, based on population demographics and employment patterns, officials are anticipating the decline to continue through at least the next two years and are projecting a 5 percent “expenditure gap” for next year.

Tuition makes up more than 60 percent of Atlantic Cape’s $42 million budget, raising about $26 million, with aid from the state, county and other grants making up the balance. The 5 percent revenue gap would mean a reduction of about $2 million for next year.

College officials do not expect to present the 2012-13 budget until March or April, and no decision has been made about a tuition increase to begin July 1. Per-credit tuition at Atlantic Cape this year is $97.20. The cost to attend the college full time is $3,558 in tuition and fees, less than the $4,026 statewide county college average. go to website cumberland county college

Cumberland County College’s board of trustees last month approved an almost 5 percent, or $5 per credit, increase in tuition for 2012-13, raising tuition to $110 per credit. The increase will raise the cost of attendance about $150 per year for full-time students taking 30 credits. The full-time cost this year is $4,020 at Cumberland County College and $3,660 at Ocean County College.

Community colleges had experienced several years of enrollment growth during the recession, as unemployed workers went back to school to learn new jobs. But enrollment statewide dropped 2.4 percent this year, with 14 of the 19 county colleges reporting lower enrollment.

At Atlantic Cape, total enrollment dropped just less than 1 percent in the fall to 7,592 students, but almost half of all students now attend part time, generating less revenue for the college. Fall enrollment at Cumberland County College dropped 2.4 percent, with more students choosing to attend part time. Enrollment at Ocean County College dropped by less than 1 percent, but part-time student attendance increased.

Both Atlantic Cape and Cumberland County colleges are part of a new statewide effort to retain more students who enroll. Statewide, only about 63 percent of full-time students and 43 percent of part-time students return for a second year. Cumberland County College last week announced a new plan to help more students complete their degree programs.

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