Our Enemies are among us and it is us

July 24, 2013

By Stephen A. Cambre

Abraham Lincoln once said and I quote “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. Mr. Lincoln was right and we are destroying ourselves.

Our country was founded on the maxim that although government is necessary for an ordered civil society it is inherently evil.  Government itself is not evil; the evil resides in the men that are drawn to its lure of power and since men are flawed and not angels, government must be instituted that has the ability to control the people and have the safeguards to control itself.  A government with unlimited and endless powers is tyranny and it will never control itself therefore our Constitution had to be and is specific in limiting governmental authority. The exercising of that authority are legitimate only by the consent of those it is charged with governing. To accomplish this end a contract or compact in the form of a written constitution and once agreed upon by a super majority of the citizens through their respective States, a federal government is instituted. The ratification of our Constitution replaced a confederation of States with a federation of States. It created a FEDERAL not a NATIONAL  government. This form of government is a Constitutional Federal Republic which requires that the individual be sovereign and the State serves the individual. Simply put, this is maximum individual freedom with minimal interference and control.

A written and agreed upon Constitution then becomes the rule of law and the standard by which society is built and thrives. It’s the mooring that secures our nation and enables it to prosper.

Conservatism is the ideology that fights to preserve and improve the Constitutional Federal Republic our founders bestowed upon us and entrusted us with not the fundamental transformation of it.

There is a force within our country that has been undermining our Constitutional Republic. This force is the ideology of Progressivism or Liberalism as they call themselves today and its fellow travelers are loyal to its cause, just as the Tories were to the Crown. Although their numbers are few (Pew research poll consistently finds that those that identify themselves as liberal/progressive at around 20%) they by design control the bureaucratic institutions of government. This control gives the fellow travelers a powerful tool by which to influence and direct those within the masses that are ill-informed whether by choice or design to be used as Uncle Joe Stalin called “useful idiots” to inflate their numbers and make the necessary noise to force the institutionalizing of their radical policies that rots the soul of our nation. Piece by piece the progressives methodically nullify our Constitution. By manipulating language, they destroy the rule of law and render it meaningless.

Progressives have been very successful at manipulating both our system and us because they are very good at selling the tripe of their undefined Utopia. The tripe being their empty promises of rainbows for everyone, free this and free that and if we would just relinquish our rights to government and give the bureaucracy the power to take what is necessary from those with ability and decide the needs of all, then and only then will we be truly free and equal.

As George Orwell wrote in his book 1984, “War is Peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength”. This is the key to progressive control and manipulation.

–          War is Peace; by keeping the masses at war with themselves is peace for the rulers. Progressives and their agents within our communities are constantly organizing to stoke the fires between the races, genders, lifestyles etc to create distractions and as a means to drive policies towards their progressive Utopia. To the progressives, the end always justifies the means.

–          Freedom is Slavery; As I touched on earlier, to progressives, freedom and equality can only be achieved when government through its agencies decides for the individual what his needs are and takes from those with the ability to provide those needs.

–          Ignorance is strength; for progressive this is the key. This makes progressivism and its march to dominance possible, without it, progressive theory collapses. Ignorance in the masses is strength to the progressive power structure. Through their agents, public sector unions and especially the teachers unions, progressives maintain a strangle hold on education in this country. The importance of this control is proven by the way these groups viciously fight to keep it. It’s a double edged sword for the progressives. On the one side it insures that the masses will be ignorant enough to believe everything progressives tell them because that is what they are taught to believe and on the other it then uses the ignorant masses to fund this fraud as well as fund the destruction of their futures and the republic itself. When it comes to the people they profess to care so much for, progressives believe ignorance is bliss. They know that knowledge is power but if put in the hand of the people would mean their end so they teach ignorance under names like “Whole Words” and “New Math” and when a generation has been successfully relegated to a life of dependence in one form or another and the system is shown to be a failure they repackage the same failing methods and call it say “Common Core” and the progressives begin the process again and destroy yet another generation. With this in mind as long as the progressives control education, America will lose.

Progressivism requires that the State be the sovereign and the people exist to serve it. Simply put this is minimal freedom with maximum interference and control. Progressivism is servitude to the State and is incompatible with the nature of man and the meaning of America.

One of these paths is our future and because they are exact opposites they cannot coexist. Because of the manipulations from those that support the later and the passivity from those that support the former we are precariously close to the path of the later or the path of governmental servitude.

In 1865 this nation settled the issue of whether an individual could legally be the property of another individual and it took the lives of some 700,000 Americans to resolve rightly that slavery was wrong and inconsistent with the laws of nature and our Constitution. Today we face a very similar issue that being can the individual become the property of the State and then forced to serve its interests?

This question as in 1865 will be resolved. I hope and pray that the decision we as a country make in the near future of whether we remain freemen and restore our Constitutional Republic or venture into an unknown metaphysical existence in some Utopia conceived in the minds of some unknown progressive statists does not carry an equivalent cost.

For progressivism to be instituted the Constitution must be perverted to the point of irrelevance and that point is now. Mr. Lincoln addressed this very issue and I quote, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”.

Our enemy is us. It is those that attack and pervert our Constitution and its rule of law and it is those that fail to defend it.

The time for choosing is upon us as a nation and prudence must prevail.

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