Our Nation Of Fools

June 16, 2011

Why would I even think of making such a wild title? Because the United States has almost fallen into the doldrums of apathy and it is not because the people don’t care, it is because the people have voted with their feelings rather then by the qualifications. The election of 2008 was based upon a change in the way our nation was supposed to go but it ended up with the people being duped by a man whose qualifications still remain questionable at best. The people were persuaded by their emotions based upon a very smooth talking man who was out to make history and his wife as she stated, “For the first time in my life I am proud to be an American!” Now that single statement should have been a precursor of what was to come, but the people only heard the golden talk of a man who did very well with a teleprompter in front of him.

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Now President Obama has stated that he will stop listening to his economic advisors and will stop meeting with them because he feels the nation is just slowing down a bit and not headed into a double dip recession. Obama has had his advisors leaving the White House like rats jumping a sinking ship and he is ignoring the observations and the numbers that are laid out before him that show the nation not just slowing down, but as near falling as could ever be thought of. Yet Obama keeps pushing his agenda of failure that he remains blind to. His attraction to the “Green” jobs is a move toward failure that Europe has already seen. England replaced some 245 windmills with just one Natural Gas generator and that generator does not leave the footprint the 245 windmills had.

Obama refuses to see that by opening up drilling he would almost become a hero. He would also benefit greatly if he would tell the EPA to allow the construction of at least 50 new oil refineries so our nation does not have to send crude oil to Venezuela for refining. A recent event showed just how fragile our nation is to the whims of OPEC and our enemies that sit on the OPEC council. Iran, Venezuela and our other enemies would not allow an increase in production and that has once again sent oil prices spiraling upward. Of course with the price of oil going upward, so does the price of anything associated with the movement of the product and the use of oil in any form.

I have had conversations with geologists that work with oil companies and they have told me that it could take as little as 6 months to have wells producing almost anywhere in and along the coast of the United States. The one problem that is now before us is the lack of oil refineries that could refine the oil once it comes out the ground. Our nation now depends upon Venezuela to assist us with the refining of our oil and they are not our friend. Our enemies hold our very lives at bay due to them being the ones whom refine the oil that we have to send to them because we do not have enough refineries to refine the oil we could draw out of our land and seas.

Once again, Obama has failed the United States by allowing the EPA to impose even more restrictions upon the oil companies and the electric companies making the price of everything we buy go higher then we would like it to. This president has caused our nation more grief then any president in the history of our great nation. He did state during his campaign for president that he would “necessarily cause electricity to increase” just so he can PUSH his “Green Energy” ideas forward. Those ideas are great, but Europe has tried them and failed so all we have to do is look to Europe to see just what is going to happen to our nation if our president continues on his agenda of making our nation PAY for the use of all the natural resources we have within our borders and along our coasts.

Our nation should only be paying around 45 dollars a barrel for oil due to the vast amounts we have available to us in the vast reserves both on land and offshore and that does not include the reserves our nation has not found yet. One Geologist stated to me that our nation could survive for the minimum of 245 years with the oil that can be extracted by methods of the present day and if they were allowed to continue refining the way they look for and develop the processes of obtaining oil, that could be expanded to over 465 years during which we could develop better fuel alternatives that would keep the price of everything not just cheap, but within reason. It would also produce millions of much needed jobs, yet the current president does not want this to develop!

If we as a nation just sit back and do nothing and keep listening to the golden tongue of our president, then we truly are a nation of fools!

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