October 13, 2008

It’s a surreal feeling that I have. Listening to the Ozombies cry foul over the smallest of things, Sarah Palin spending $13,000 going to church, saying Barack Hussien Obama’s legal middle name is racist, or even getting upset because John McCain said “That one” while pointing to Barack Obama during the Presidential debate. I know it’s politics and people tend to complain about anything they can just before the election.

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But what amazes me is what the Ozombies are doing and getting away with. ACORN is¬†getting caught in state after state of filling the voter roles with false registrants. This isn’t something that American’s should take lightly, especially Democrats. If one organization can control the elections, even if the majority of Democrats agree with them this time, what’s to stop them from controlling the elections even when Democrats disagree with them? With so much voter fraud going on, one has to wonder, did Hillary Clinton actually lose the primary? One suggestion I’d like to make to any of our congressmen is a proposal to make voter fraud an unpardonable offense.

This makes sense because voter fraud is a perhaps the most dangerous crime, and when successful there is no punishment. Why would the beneficiary of said crime, the elected official, be inclined to pursue conviction? Wouldn’t the beneficiary of voter fraud actually have incentive to pardon these people and put them back on the streets to do more even if they were convicted? It’s a threat not only to our Democracy but to the future of party politics. It denies the voice of the individual, Democrats and Republicans alike.

It amazes me that so many Democrats are so willing to surrender their own voice because they feel that it’s so important that one man gains power. One man, and their willing to keep a blind eye to a handful of tyrants trying to seize control of our country.

On January 31, 2007 in Venezuela, the National Assembly passed an act giving President Hugo Chavez the power to rule by decree for 18 months. It was the willingness to concede so much power that enabled Hugo Chavez to become a dictator. It was the faith that a few people put in one man that brought the country down.

Are we at that point in America? Are we at a point in which we will allow faith in government to triumph over common sense? Are some people worshipping Obama to the extent that they can be described in no other way as Ozombies?


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