Palin Slams Christie

March 11, 2011

Last Friday, in an interview with Fox Business Network, Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, let out a verbal jab to hero of many conservatives, Chris Christie, as well as other current Governors who have recently been both lauded and vilified in the media for their proposed or implemented budget cuts.

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This coming less than a month after the Palin-Santorum feud surrounding CPAC, where Former Pennsylvania Senator and suspected 2012 Presidential Candidate accused Palin of not attending the event held last February because they would not pay her a speaking fee, and Palin retorted by accused Santorum of being a “knuckle dragging Neanderthal.”

Palin asserted in her most recent statement that those Governors now making budget cuts are not showing real leadership, because they have no choice but to cut their budget, but rather real leadership is shown in those who have the courage cut their budgets when their states are running a surplus as she did in her two years as governor.

Palin is a paid commentator for Fox News Channel. Of note is that recently Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who were also commentators for Fox News, have had their contracts suspended due to the fact that many suspect that they are each soon to announce their candidacy for Republican Presidential Primaries very soon. Palin has asserted that she has not decided on if she will run, but with her attacks on potential rivals of late many suspect otherwise.


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