Part 1 – How to Plunder a Nation

October 11, 2011

If one was to construct a system of government to plunder a nation’s wealth and concentrate it in an omnipotent authority by fundamentally changing it how might that system look and what would be required to accomplish it?

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Absent a coup by some military strongman one must plan and employ patients in its implementation. A foundation consisting of four essential components must be put in place before unfettered plunder can be institutionalized. First government must have funding so it must have the power to tax the individual’s earning. Propose a low rate only on the rich to achieve popular support (Class Warfare), implement the law and then patiently expand to include more people and carve out exemptions for politically useful constituent groups and classes when need. Use envy to manipulate the citizens by pitting one individual, group or class against another to manipulate public opinion, distract by directing public discontent inward among itself and away from those responsible for the discontent, and drive legislation.

Next it will need to reduce the power and influence of the city states within the national body politic. This is done by separating the states from the electoral process by convincing enough people that it is in their best interest. This as well as the taxing authority can be accomplished by amending the governing document. With these two essential assets in place a crisis is all that is needed to concentrate into the central government more authority over the city states and ultimately the individual. This is accomplished in a crisis by government appearing compassionate while making as much of the population and state institutions dependent on the benevolence of government assistance.

The third component is to control the debate on what law is and is not. The interpretation of the law is essential. By institutionalizing the view that law is to be used to concentrate power by creating and granting positive rights instead of limiting excessive use of power by enforcing negative rights. This will be achieved through lifetime appointments to the federal bench where a single individual, by his will, can mandate taxes, regulate activities and overturn the will of the people by nullifying election results all while being for the remainder of his/her life immune to dismissal.

The final foundational component is to effectively control future public discourse. Instill in the people that they have a right to free education and that government must and will provide it, mandate compulsery attendance and then control what future generations think by controlling what is taught. Pursuit a curriculum that encourages Centralized Government and disparages Capitalism, promotes the Collective over individual freedom, promotes group identity and discourages individualism, and diversity (a divided people) instead of unity (a united but self-determining people). Institutionalize this control by creating a department to coordinate the plunder/funding of the newly created positive right of education.

With the foundation institutionalized construction of a system of plunder can begin. Start constructing a massive bureaucratic state that operates as a law making body to regulate the activities of individuals and business and disguise waste and fraud. Create a tax code that is too complex for anyone to understand even for the department charged with administering it. Use that tax code to for lack of better words trade exemptions and loopholes for campaign contributions, reward friends and punish enemies. Use that revenue department to instill fear of authority in the hearts and minds of the citizenry. Strengthen the bond between old allies such as labor unions and media elites and expand them. Expand them into the public sector by unionizing the bureaucratic state. This will provide a base constituency for expansion and self preservation. This arrangement will also benefit the creators of the bureaucratic state by funneling taxpayer funds back into the campaigns of the plunderers through union contributions collected from taxpayer subsidized salaries of the employees of the ever expanding bureaucratic state. This arrangement will allow for the separation from the contract negotiations those that will pay the cost and will become an integral part to the mission of plunder.

Class warfare and the use of crises whether real or contrived will be the main weapons used to divert, distract and expand the system of plunder.

The system I describe above is what has replaced the Constitutional system our country was founded on. The Progressives, now called Liberals, started laying their regressive foundation during the Wilson administration with the passage of the 16th (taxing) Amendment and the 17th (marginalize State power) Amendment. The liberal icon FDR then used the crisis of the “Depression” which by the way their policies (the fed rate and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act) helped cause to build upon their gains and massively inject its authority into the private sector with the alphabet soup of departments, agencies, laws and regulations all of which will of course need more taxes and the confiscation of gold to fund it. The creation of the administrative state is now achieved. Create dependency or more accurately create a voting block for self preservation. Corrupt State governments and addict them to the public treasury with public works programs and projects. If any of the government benevolence is found to be unconstitutional then just threaten the courts until control of the courts is established. LBJ institutionalized transfer payments to constituencies under the guise of the “War on Poverty”. Redistribution or social justice is what constitutes their “Great Society”. Use the fact that there are and always will be people among us as in all societies in the history of man that truly need by no fault of their own assistance to redistribute the earnings of one to give to another for the primary reason of procuring votes.
The transformation from a once free society to a controlled society will reach its completion with the centralized command and control of the health of the individual. This act will transfer and institutionalize from the individual to the central power the full authority to decide the state of health for all and under the guise of health dictate activities and consumption.

With all controls in place and institutionalized, the Progressive elites vision of Utopia has been achieved and is now ready for refinement.

Is this really Nirvana or is it just another tyranny by a minority?


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