Part 2 – To Save America and Western Civilization

November 26, 2011

I am optimistic that America can be saved but Americas point of no return is within view. That which I am about to pen represent my thoughts and my opinions based on my studies and observations and expressed with no holds barred, political correctness be damned, no sacred cows and no protected classes or individuals including myself. My intent is not to offend anyone’s sensibilities only to hopefully convey some thoughts and ideas that I feel need to be said. Many will disagree with my assertions but that is fine and healthy for a vibrant debate to re-establish the meaning and spirit of America.

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It is said that we are a free people in a free country. Are we really? If one was to attempt to do anything in this country from adding a small addition to your home to starting a business you must first get approval from some government entity in the form of a permit and/or a fee. Everything you purchase has to be approved by the bureaucracy. We are much less free than we were just 50 years ago and it’s getting worse. Socialized medicine will empower this behemoth bureaucracy to decide on your behalf what medical services you and your family will or will not receive. It may be your neighbor who is employed by this bureaucracy that makes these decisions for you. If you can be forced by law to purchase a government approved health policy you can be forced to do or purchase anything. Once the precedent is set the bureaucracy will build upon it. This law will be used to control behavior, lifestyle and consumption all in the name of healthcare. If an activity affects health in any way government will control it because they will be paying for it albeit with monies that were confiscated by the force of the law from its citizens. This is not freedom by any stretch for the imagination, this is tyranny.

The same people that push to cut defense push perpetually for increased spending on education. First of all defense is mandated in the constitution as an exclusive power and responsibility of the federal government, education is not. We as a nation spend more on education than any other country in the world and what do we get for it, a third world education for our children, the very people that will lead this country into the future and they are being babysat not educated. Just 70 years ago there were 120,000 school boards in this country now there are a mere 15,000. Our ruinous educational class has consolidated our once close to the student system of educating OUR children to a top down authoritative system of non-education. The system of education that is now entrenched is peddling ignorance not knowledge for Ignorance can be controlled knowledge cannot be controlled. Our educational system as a whole is a national disgrace. Why do we as a people put up with this disgraceful and shameful system? Why do we accept it? We have the power within ourselves to change it. When one looks upon the “Occupy whatever city” what do you see? Among other things I see the failure of higher education. Higher education has been reduced to a system of tenured academics that in far too many cases leaves the actual teaching to grad students so these elitist can think up ways to interfere into our lives. No one employed and paid by the taxpayers should be beyond removal, no tenure. No one is that important or indispensable, no one. These institutions offer and promote students to pursuit loans for degrees to which there are little to no chance for employment. The institutions are happy, they got their money, but the students are reduced to occupying public and private parks demanding the private sector give them what they want because what they work so hard for is worthless. I’m sorry but a degree in Star Trek is a worthless degree. Not everyone is suited for or should go on to higher education and higher education should be a place of high entrance standards affirmative action be damned. If you did not prepare yourself in elementary and secondary education and cannot meet the high standards you should not be admitted into higher education, it’s a waste of time and money. Higher education should be a place of achievement not a wasted effort to satisfy some mindless bureaucrat in some obscured office in some far away city that this must be done so he/she can feel better about themselves and show the world that they are sensitive, diverse and politically correct. This wreck less nonsense is destroying civilized sociality not strengthening it.

What this country desperately need at this critical point in our history are state, county and city/town elected officials and citizens that will flex their political will and stand up to the federal government and push back by defying the dictates from on high no matter if these dictates come from the executive, legislative or judicial branch of our federal government and its bureaucratic state and assert our 10th amendment rights of self government and federalism. The majority of the people in this country will defend anyone who has the courage to defy the unconstitutional mandates we are forced to comply with. We have a right and a duty as citizens to defy any and all unconstitutional laws, mandates and regulations for they are in stark contradiction to our founding principles and protect and defend those principles to pass it on for the next generation and for them to do the same for the ones after them. We just need men and women with the mettle of patriots. When these patriots rise we will have their back.

The biggest threat we face as a nation is ourselves. Our problems are not external as much as they are internal. Our external threats are great because of our enemies see weakness and rightly so. Our government used to have a clear purpose as espoused by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution but not anymore our leaders make it up as they go but what do we expect from our leaders, they are the product of the education system we created. They are creatures of our own making. Our executive, legislative and with a few exceptions our judicial branches of government are populated with colossal ignorance with nothing to bind them to our past. If America is lost to the pressures of socialism so goes western civilization. Freedoms lost are rarely recovered for they must be fought for. Freedoms are never given back they must be taken back.

The American Spirit is out there, it just needs a spark to ignite it.

Lucky Lady: At 95, Nettie Johnson still doesn’t give retirement much thought

The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) July 30, 2007 | Benzel, Lance Some people look forward to retiring at 65. Nettie Johnson doesn’t see the point.

The 95-year-old Billings woman punches in at Won 800 Casino & Sports Pub in the Rimrock Mall six days a week, three hours a day. She’s been working at that location since December of 1979, back when it was a Papa John’s Restaurant, and she’s stirred the same taco salad recipe ever since. see here taco salad recipe

“I guess I just had a good start and kept on going,” she said.

Mayor Ron Tossing turned up for Johnson’s birthday celebration in June, and plaques from Gov. Brian Schwietzer and Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger were among her gifts that day. The adulation is nice and all, but Johnson doesn’t much see the point in that, either.

“I don’t do a whole lot around there anymore,” she said. “I’m a very private person, and I could live without all the fuss. But they’ve made a deal about it ever since I turned 90.” Johnson, who lives alone, likes her solitude. When she’s not working at Won 800 Casino, she reads mystery novels and historical fiction and watches baseball on television. She likes following individual players rather than teams; several of her favorites happen to play for the Atlanta Braves.

Her family, including two grown daughters in Billings, provides her all the company she needs.

She’s not sure what to credit for her continued good health. She rides a stationary bike in the mornings, working out as much as she can stand, and sticks to a few other rules.

“I never smoke,” she said. “And drinking, that’s another never.” Johnson, who was born 60 miles south of Kansas City, Mo., moved to Montana with her late husband Dean Johnson back in 1972. The couple opened a concrete lawn ornament store between Joliet and Fort Rockvale that remains open today under different ownership.

She was 67 when she started working at the restaurant, and was part of the acquisition when it was bought out by Won 800 Casino in 1991. She just went on preparing the taco salad, now available for $4.95. Johnson’s also responsible for preparing the vegetable soup, at $2.25 a cup and $3.25 a bowl. website taco salad recipe

Johnson won’t say a peep about the sauce in the taco salad, which she says sets it apart from other taco salads. But she’s glad to disclose one tip that keeps her going every day.

“I don’t take much sassin’ from anyone,” she said. “I just don’t pay much attention to it.” The same goes for all the attention. She doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea: Workers at Won 800 Casino are like her second family, she says, but she’d just prefer to keep things simple.

“I didn’t ask for all of this, and I didn’t think I needed it,” she said.

Benzel, Lance

Mark Parham
Mark Parham

That spirit is out there. It is iconic that we write the same feelings and thought a mere day apart, yet when will the Patriots of old within each of us spring forth in today's Patriots. We have the organization and skills to Re-Occupy America more so than those occupying the streets for socialist reasons most do not even understand.

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