Pathetic Intimidation Watch.

December 11, 2007

According to NOLA.COM, this poster is now appearing in New Orleans:

(image from

Read it again. It really does say what you think it says. And if you have some time, dear readers, read the blog comments at the above link. One person says that this poster shouldn’t be seen as a threat, since it targets only property – not people. Comforting, isn’t it?

I have posted on this before, but I’ll say it again – because of my work, which includes work for the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), I have first-hand knowledge about this situation. Some facts:

HANO is looking to remove the existing buildings because it will cost more to remediate and repair the units than it will be to take them down and rebuild. Do not forget that the projects in question were not in great shape prior to Katrina, and plans to demo some of them were in the works before the storm.

HANO is NOT, repeat NOT, looking to level these projects and leave the land fallow. They have plans in the works for new units – medium-density townhouses and flats similar to what they have done at other projects. I have seen the plans. And the sooner HANO can get the old buildings out of the way, the sooner newer, more livable units, can be completed.

HANO renovated several hundred of their newer townhouses and flats after the storm, but they have found few takers. Some of the units have been vacant for so long that HANO is having to put in de-humidifiers to prevent mold. HANO also has a voucher program for residents, too. So there are affordable homes available. Call HANO.

This whole issue has become so emotionally charged I do not think that facts will be much considered in resolving the issue, but I think they should be put out there anyway. Those fanning these flames seem to have little interest in facts or in housing my fellow New Orleanians (I am a native), and a lot of interest in creating some publicity for themselves by exploiting people’s concerns and by intimidation. You don’t need facts to do that. (When they find who made this poster – not surprisingly there is no organization credit – I’d be willing to bet a a couple of bucks they aren’t even from New Orleans. Or more than a few in number.)

So be mindful, dear readers, to not let yourself be drawn into reacting emotionally when you hear more about this issue. That is what the creators of this trash want – your attention and over-reaction. Don’t give it to them. See it for what it is – a pathetic and desperate attempt to grab attention by being sensational and divisive, by increasing tensions, and by sowing mistrust and fear in an already battered City. Just remember the facts.

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True. But the people behind this are publicity hounds; they are in it for the attention, not real political action. True, one or two "true beleivers" may try something, but that would give them attention they don't want (like, from lots of folks with guns and warrnats), and turn public opinion against their cause faster than, say, a facts-based Page One writeup in the Sunday Picayuune:


I disagree, Greta. A terririst is someone who engenders, and exploits, a reasonable and credable fear. Al Queda, they are terrorists. The people who did this are pathetic, unreasonable, and lack credability; they do not engender fear. This poster was, at most, a desperate stunt to keep attention on the issue. (It may also, ironically, be a hate crime.) The side they claim to support has lost, both in the law courts and in the court of public opinion. The facts do not support their arguments. If they did, there would be a waiting list for HANO units, not hundreds of units going empty. And to put people back in the same run-down, broken buildings? It's.... well, it's inhuman.

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