People Demand that Jindal Keep Promise

June 30, 2008

Last year, I wrote several columns and letters in The Daily Advertiser and other publications promoting Bobby Jindal as the strong reform leader we needed as the next governor. During the last two weeks, Gov. Jindal has been anything but strong, and, obviously, with the arrogant, bully tactics of the majority of our legislators, no real reform has taken place in Baton Rouge.

I would say this to Gov. Jindal: The people of

Louisiana are demanding that you hold to your campaign promise, the promise that you would prohibit any legislative pay raise that comes effective before the next legislative election. I supported and voted for you, but if you don’t veto Senate Bill 672, you will never receive my vote again, and I will certainly apologize to those to whom I expressed support for your candidacy.
Nick Bouterie


Greta Perry
Greta Perry

Nick Well, now he did it. He proved himself strong by listening to the people. But I think he wishes he could roll back time and wish he never said he wouldn't veto it. I think this will all be behind us and we can move forward now. However, I think his perfect record is tarnished a little now and may have bumped the golden boy from the VP spot.


And it looks like Governor Jindal has heard the People and kept his promise. His statement has set the right tone. Looks like he has gotten some "seasoning" in the last couple of weeks. I have a message for those angry Legislators. If you cannot afford to serve, resign. There are many who want your job at the current pay. If you truly believe you need a raise, then campaign on it. For those of you who cannot eat on $50 a day per person, most families have to spend less than that a day. None of us have a $6000 expense account nor do we get per diem to pay for other expenses. We have to adjust our lifestyles to pay for gas and higher groceries. We elected Jindal to stand with us against this very kind of abuse from you. We mean to keep him to his promise. And to those who voted against the pay raise, thank you and God Bless you. You are the ones who will work with our Governor to make Louisiana the great state it should be. We need more like you.

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