December 20, 2007


Q:  What happens when you get 3 opinionated people on WGSO?

A:  Magic!


Thanks to Jeff Blanco (the big guy with facial hair) for letting me tag along and hang with him this AM.  We had a fun time getting lost trying to find the station. We could talk all day – scary!

Thanks to Jeff Crouere for graciously putting me on air even though I was just going to hang in the studio. He was kind enough to give all my blogs plugs…esp Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana.


Great Show! I listened to it over the 'Net, but I got called away during the part about the 'J' stickers. I'm sure, Jeff, you gave full creative credit to the brilliant, dashing, insightful - and very, very modest - architect who thought them up, and you heavily plugged his website: (grin!) And Greta, you are championing a VERY worthy cause.


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