Planned Indeed

July 30, 2015

I never really understood,
Why the name “Planned Parenthood”5b2de0493d2e0fd53c9bf790ba02739b
When the name personified,
Should be “Planned Infanticide”.

Killing children is what they do,
In the millions, not a few,
Using saline, vacuums, too.
A grisly business, that is true.

Grisly if that was the end,
But now we see a morbid trend,
Kill the babes, cut them apart,
Then sell the liver, lungs and heart.

Surely someone that’s so cruel,
Demands that we call them a ghoul,
I can’t imagine in my mind,
Where they find people so unkind,head

That they can daily kill and slay,
Babes to earn their blood bought pay.
It’s up to us to shut them down,
To run them out of every town.

Without ifs and without maybes,
We must protect the future’s babies,
From monsters that work every day
Killing babies for their pay.


The above poem was contributed to us by Bill Sanchez of Arabi.


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