Please Stop These Smoking Bans!

March 28, 2011

What ever happened to property rights? How about the right to make your own decisions and take personal responsibility for your actions? These are but a few of the rights that have been trampled upon by over the past few years by the Anti-Smoking Laws the State of Louisiana has passed. Well apparently they don’t believe they have gone far enough because now they’re back on the radio going after the bars and casinos!!!

First let’s look at private property rights; when an individual decides to use money that he earned to purchase an item most of the freedom loving population would agree that the owner of that item can make the rules for how that item is to be used. If I wish to risk my life’s savings on a business I should be allowed to make my own rules for it. No one is forcing people to patronize my business so allow people to vote with their wallets. CAPITALISM (I know that’s a bad word, I’ll go wash my mouth out now) will sort out ALL THINGS! You do NOT have the right to eat wherever you want to, if you think otherwise just try getting into my kitchen without my permission and see what happens to you. You are the GUEST of the business owner and because of that fact he makes the rules for HIS establishment. If you were a guest at my home where I’m throwing a party and I allowed another guest there to smoke do you really believe you can force me to tell the guy to stop. Of course you can’t; you can ask me to ask tell him not to smoke and if I refuse you can leave. If I see enough people leaving due to the smoker I may reconsider my “smoking is ok” rule, wouldn’t I? The same principle applies to businesses, only you have even more power because unlike the party, the business wants your MONEY!

Next let’s look at personal responsibility. Many of the “nanny-staters” will talk about the ramifications of second hand smoke. I say let people make their own decisions! I am not a helpless idiot who must be protected from the mysterious evils of the world. Every time you turn on the TV you can’t help but here some news article talking about the latest medical research that says second hand smoke will kill everyone. OK, I got it, now if I decide that the food at the restaurant is so good that I’m willing to take the risk, isn’t that on me? Another one that ties in directly to this is the argument that the workers have no choice but to be exposed to that environment… Yes they do; this is not the Soviet Union where you are told where you have to work, if you don’t like the environment then don’t apply or quit and get new employment. It is not the employee’s job it is the owner’s job that he is kind enough to allow someone to fill. The owner makes the rules on how his money is to be spent (back to personal property)! It’s well past time for us to allow people to grow up and make their own decisions in life.

So in conclusion, I ask that we become Americans again and stand up for individual liberty and not this authoritarianism we have recently found ourselves in. Remember that even if you don’t like something someone else does you must defend their right to do it otherwise all the Big Governments Tyrants have to do is slowly take on one issue at a time, because there will always be those for and against everything, until ultimately there is no freedom left.

P.S. I don’t smoke and really don’t like being around cigarettes, but (as you have read) I will never tell someone they can’t because unfortunately there are too many that are doing that already!


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