Weakness and Political Ambition

March 14, 2007

John Sununu suggests that we feed them Alberto Gonzales. I guess John Sununu will be liked by the Democrats from now on. When it comes time to feed the Piranahs, the Democrats will protect Sununu, at least for the time being.
This isn’t about justice anymore, or about corruption, not even about what’s right or wrong. Really, for the Democrats to complain about the firing of 8 people last year and not saying a word about the travelgate firings, or demanding Scooter Libby to be fired, yet defended tooth and nail Bill Clinton who lied under oath. It never was about the right or wrong thing for our country to the left, but about crucifying and disabling a Republican presidency.

From day one after the 2000 election, Democrats have stood in the way of Bush’s Presidency. From countless recounts and demands for revotes, to taking the ‘W’s’ off all of the computer keyboards. It didn’t take long for Democrats to start taking shots at President Bush after 9-11. Less than a month after that tragic event, Democrats sought to disunify the country by screaming that Bush wasn’t doing anything. Soon chants of “No blood for oil” were replaced with “Bush Lied” bumper stickers.

Bush, and many Republicans, are partly responsible for allowing the development of the Piranahs of the Democrat party. We wouldn’t stand by Harriet Meyers, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, Donald Rumsfield, Scooter Libby, Ann Coulter, why would we expect anybody to stand by Alberto Gonzales? I would include Marc Foley in the subject, because we can’t call him a crook since he didn’t break any laws… but we can call the gay man a pervert since he’s a Republican.

Each time we end up dividing our party a little more and emboldening the Democrats. We think Democrats want peace, but the reality is they want to go to war with the Republicans. They aren’t interested in making peace with us, why do we seek peace with them? Republicans need to get it, the Democrats are a party that’s filled with hate and Republicans are the target of that hate.

In 2004, I became very discouraged with Bush, looking for a third party to cast my vote. I had become disgruntled with Bush’s handling of the Democrat party, allowing Ted Kennedy to write the ‘Education bill’ and turning his back on fellow Republicans. I viewed Bush as a man who pretended to be a conservative, that his loyalties lied with the Democrat party. I didn’t understand why Bush was trying to reach across party lines to a party that had absolutely no interest in working with him, but instead taking every inch as a means to destroy his presidency. It was as sickening to me then as it is too watch my fellow countrymen aid the destruction of this country by purchasing Citgo (Hugo Chavez) gas.

I decided to cast my vote for President Bush in hopes of seeing conservative judges appointed to the court and because Kerry was such a poor candidate that I thought it would endanger our future. It was Bush’s good fortune that the Democrats put up Kerry, that was an election that he could have easily lost.

Though Bush did appoint conservative judges, and I’m glad Kerry lost, that doesn’t mean that I’m happy with the overall picture of Bush in the Whitehouse. Iraq continues to be a thorn in the side of Bush, did he have to wait until Republicans lost congress before he decided to finish the job in Iraq? Did it really take the Democrats winning before Bush decided he needed to be a little more conservative? Will Bush cave to the Democrats on Alberto Gonzales? Probably so.
And speaking of Alberto Gonzales, it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the Hispanic community. The very first person the Democrats go after after winning back the congress is a Hispanic? It reminds me of the Clinton administration when the fall guy always seemed to be minority, with the exception of Vince Foster’s involuntary suicide.

Like 2004, I’m getting disillusioned with my party. This time it’s because I believe they are conservatives too weak to stand up for their beliefs. That weakness is coming from political ambition. Our Republicans that we have elected have too often put theirselves first instead of our beliefs. John Sununu is the latest, Vitter, a supposed conservative endorsed a man who won’t put conservatives on the bench, Guiliani. I voted twice for Bush, that’s enough to keep me from voting for Guiliani, even in the general election. If we’re going to have a Liberal President, I’d rather it be a Democrat instead of a Republican.

Can any of us really believe it’s something other than political ambition and not a desire to see our country on a course of conservatism that drives them? I can no longer lend my support, to Republicans who put theirselves above the party, at least not at this time. Conservativism is too important to be hi-jacked by one person.

I was a huge fan of Bobby Jindal when he ran for Governor, I was stunned and perplexed that he lost to Blanco. Since that time, Jindal moved to another district to run for an open Republican seat, ran around the state compaigning for re-election of a house seat, not a senate. There is an improvement however, at least Bobby Jinal finally held a job longer than two years.

After winning reelection, he immediately began his campaign for governor. One would think he’d at least get his congressional seat heated up before running for Governor. Now he’s saying that John Breaux can’t run for Governor because he’s no longer a resident of the state. I agree, Breaux can’t run for Governor because he no longer a resident of the state, but Hello, Bobby, you bagged your carpet and moved to Kenner.

I can see Bobby being a good Governor. He could be the greatest Governor in the history of Louisiana, but he won’t be. I can also see Bobby Jindal on day two of being Governor, would begin campaigning across the United States. I don’t think Bobby Jindal’s ambition ends in Baton Rouge, it ends in the Oval office.

Louisiana needs a Governor and as long as Kathleen Blanco is in that office, we’re going to have a serious void. For the longest time I’ve quietly, and off the record, grumbled that Bobby Jindal isn’t the guy that I originally believed him to be. I’ve told friends that my support for Jindal is beginning to wear thin and he needs to be careful because I’m not the only one. I will not be supporting Jindal in the primary.

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Free Speech America

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Kim McCall
Kim McCall

Man... how can you compare the firing of eight US Attorneys, mostly for political reasons with travelgate. Travelgate was partisan, but how much effect does the White House travel office have on the future of the country? But firing US Attorneys because they're too soft (for Karl Rove's taste) on Democrats or too hard on corrupt Republicans, or because they won't pursue groundless charges of voter fraud is a way of intimidating and politicizing the American justice system. Clinton never did anything remotely that dangerous. In the interest of justice, US Attorneys need to do their job without fear of political recrimination. Bush (or is it just his puppeteer Rove?) has tried to convert the US justice system into an arm of the Republican Party, and that is unAmerican and unforgivable.

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