May 16, 2007

The Mayhaw Festival in Marion, LA brought out lots of locals Saturday, enjoying a well-orchestrated event with exhibitions from cloggers to turkey callers, a selection of arts and crafts, and lots of food to include, of course, plenty of that wonderful mayhaw jelly and mayhaw butter. Mayor Kenneth Franklin and his people were out early to coordinate the displays and welcome the participants. Mayor Franklin, as Master of Ceremonies, promptly started the Mayhaw Festival Parade which had a nice variety of participants.

As with most parades, there were the usual participants of cheerleaders, Veteran Groups, horse and ATV riding groups and pageant beauties riding in all types of cars. As in most election years, the parade also included political hopefuls courting voters. Well, at least some political hopefuls.

Bobby Jindal, the likely next Governor of Louisiana, tried to walk in the parade, but with so many people wanting to shake his hand and wish him well, Bobby’s parade moved a little slower, but covered the same ground with a consistent intent to meet as many North Louisiana residents as he could in a schedule that would make most of us tired just to read. Bobby has a tremendous ability to patiently listen to voter concerns while moving steadily toward his next event. In this case, after the Mayhaw Festival, Bobby headed for a gumbo cook-off in Mer Rouge, LA to meet more North Louisiana residents.

Hopefully the residents of North Louisiana will realize how significant it is that Bobby Jindal is spending so much time in NELA. There is not a more neglected region in this entire State and having a Governor that actually knows where Marion, Downsville, and Mer Rouge are located could be very beneficial and a really big change from the past.

Also in the parade was State Representative Mike Walsworth. Mike Walsworth is running for the State Senate seat in District 33 and has a very good record to hold up before the voters. Mike will make a great Senator for this District and his conservative politics will work well with those of Bobby Jindal.

After some very long days and hard Legislative work last week, it’s good that Mike was able to visit in Marion and enjoy the festivities.

Everyone is invited to witness Mike’s diplomacy skills at the D’Arbonne BBQ Festival to be held at D’Arbonne Lake State Park on May 25 and 26. Mike will be one of the judges for the BBQ Cook-off.

On an even more local level, Dodi Dodd Eubanks had a fine group of campaigners helping her get the word out about her bid to be the next Union Parish Clerk of Court. Helping Dodi campaign was her husband, her son, and her daughter.

With eleven years experience in the Clerk’s Office, and as the Owner/Publisher of Legal News for Union Parish, LA, Dodi Eubanks has a lot to offer the public and I intend to investigate her campaign more. As Dodi says, “experience counts”, and I can certainly agree with that.

Of course, Ms. Eubanks will see some stiff competition from Deanna McCallum who was also taking advantage of the Festival to meet voters and who has her own special inside track to the Union Parish judiciary. Judge McCallum was at the Festival making his presence known, as well, despite his fair-handed refusal to mention anything about the ridiculous lawsuit by UPSD Superintendent Mabry against certain members of the UPSB. (I tried.) As I said, this Clerk of Court race requires a bit more research.

Like I had mentioned earlier, election years bring out the political hopefuls to the local festivals. In the case of the Marion Mayhaw Festival, it would seem that those political hopefuls, who actually care about Union Parish, did attend.


Now Bobby is doing the right thing here. A man needs to get out and touch bases with all parts of louisiana and bring us all together. Bobby jindal will make a great Governor who can give our kids hope for a better future.

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