Post Gubernatorial Debate Thoughts and Analysis

September 27, 2007

Tonight was the first real debate in the Governor’s race, well, real in that the front runner was attending, and I got to tell you, my overall impression of the candidates wasn’t that good. Don’t expect me to point out the positives of the candidates, that’s not my intent.

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Bobby Jindal – Does this guy even listen to the question? It’s like he is so anxious to talk that he only hears part of the question…. it’s “blah blah blah… School Choice… blah blah blah?” then he goes into a seemingly memorized answer. The way he throws stats around gives you the Poindexter feel, but for some strange reason, all the cool kids like him. His mouth moves so much that even when asked a simple yes or no question, he couldn’t answer it with one word. I thought I could talk, sheesh, this guy can get the legislature to do what he wants. All he has to do is give his first “State of Louisiana” address talking into the wee hours in the morning to the state legis and then threaten them all session long that if they don’t pass his agenda, he’ll give them another long winded “State of Louisiana” address the following year. They’ll obey. Bobby Jindal is very long winded, but it is amazing how no matter how long he talks, he’ll mesmerize you the entire time.

John Georges – I like John, but sometimes when he talks I can’t tell if he’s coaching for the Dallas Cowboys. It sounds like he’s trying to get a yawn out or something. Maybe it’s just that commercial and I still hear his yawning voice. Over all, John didn’t seem like he belonged up on stage with Bobby Jindal, but that being said, it could be that Georges presence was greatly diminished by the other two candidates sitting on stage.

Walter Boasso – First of all, if I make any food jokes it’s completely unintentional… okay, so it’s probably not, but I’ll try to avoid it if possible. What is this guy thinking answer an integrity question? And his response to the question was ‘Well my opponent (Jindal) doesn’t think I have any integrity’. Mr Boasso, you switched parties twice, both times for your own political convenience. How is that integrity??? And second of all, for two years after hurricane Katrina, I never heard you say that the Republicans left you in the water for eight days. I never heard you blame hurricane Katrina on President Bush. In fact, what I do remember you saying is that the Democrats are standing in the way of the bill you were trying to pass to create one levee board.

You blame the Republicans for your choosing to switch parties, but Mr. Boasso, I specifically remember you switching parties because you thought it would help you in the poll numbers. Mr. Boasso, you sir are nothing more than a political opportunist. As a former supporter of yours I am greatly disappointed. I thought you were the real deal, but switching parties for political gain didn’t set right with me. I had hopes in you Mr. Boasso, but tonight you confirmed my suspicions that you are nothing more than the same old song and dance.

Mr Boasso, isn’t true that as a State Legislator, you did personal business with the State of Louisiana? Is that why you ran for office to begin with Mr. Boasso? So that you could do business with the State of Louisiana? Did they turn you down before Mr. Boasso? Can’t say that I blame them for not wanting to do business with you, Mr Boasso. While you were living high on the hog, well, eating the entire hog, it turns out that you were busy creating three eyed crawfish for everybody else… and then fired the guy who blew the whistle. I guess you just wanted him to blow smoke up your… well, nobody could possibly blow that much smoke.

Let’s not forget how one of your truckers smashed into somebody and then you left him to hang out to dry. You know, I’m going to move on, I don’t think I can get off of Boasso and I know that I certainly couldn’t get out from underneath him. And one more thing Boasso, next time before a debate try to grab a bite to eat, I saw you licking your lips when John Georges was talking about his grocery delivery business.

Foster Campbell – He wonders why Bobby Jindal considers him a clown but could he be anymore of a joke? He has one answer to every question, ‘get rid of the income tax.’ I couldn’t agree more with getting rid of the State income tax, but the answer to ‘School Choice’, ‘Charity Hospitals’, and the ‘War in Iraq’ isn’t “End the state income tax.” What’s wrong with you man? You’ve been an elected official for God knows how long and quite frankly, the only question I really want you to answer is, “Do you still drive on closed roads and do you now drive the speed limit?”. And no, the correct answer is not “end the income tax”.

And Patch, you keep telling us that you want the oil companies to pay all the taxes, and that’s a fine theory but who do you think will eventually pay those taxes? Exactly where do you think the oil companies are going to get the money for those taxes? I know your answer to everything is “End the Income Tax” but I promise you that is the incorrect answer. They will pass it on to the local consumer and I’m not ready to pay $5 or $10 dollars for a gallon of gas. And don’t you think taking that approach will only encourage border residents to purchase their gas on the other side of the border?

Patch, your silly jokes about Bobby Jindal being alive weren’t even funny, I think you were the only person who even laughed at the joke. Hasn’t it even occurred to you that you’re such a bad candidate that even Chris Whittington had to pluck Boasso from the Republican party so that the Democrats could have a real candidate? Even Chris Whittington knew that you would be a terrible candidate, and let’s face it, Chris Whittington isn’t the brightest bulb in Louisiana politics.

You shouldn’t have demanded a debate with Bobby Jindal, you were out classed in every sense of the word. Shoot, Boasso was out classed, you were out of your league. Patch, next time there’s a debate, do yourself a favor, stay home.

Over all grades

Bobby Jindal A-
John Georges B+
Walter Boasso D-
Foster Campbell F


Way to go, Jeff!!! Excellent analysis, but you were a little too lenient on Campbell. ;)

George Blanton
George Blanton

Thanks Avman, you nailed it. I appreciate what you do.

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