President Obama has a revelation

September 20, 2012

by Mark Parham

In the political circles of Washington DC, we have a majority that knows who controls their political careers and a minority that believe it’s in their hands. This minority of course is the liberal minded Democrats , including the RINO’s that suddenly become conservative near the election cycles. In 2008 people voted for Hope and Change without asking “a change to what?” If your unhappy in a country that offers every opportunity to succeed then let me offer you an alternative. I hear just about any country in the Middle East will accept you as long as you convert to their religion and laws which are one in the same and assimilate to their way of life, yet this is still no guarantee you will succeed and live a long happy life. If that’s not your cup of tea I hear California is the next best place for die hard liberals, illegals and loafers. You see, the all out social agenda change failed to manifest itself under Obama’s first term, he wants a second to finish us in. We have allowed this Administration to nearly reverse the course of America but true Change can’t be promised by a President, true Change comes from the people via the voting booth.

President Obama finally admitted what we already knew. View here>>   Change comes from the people

The polls continue to be skewed with a preference to the left. Remember the polls had Reagan behind five points and he won every state by a landslide. We have yet to see the first debates and the Obama team are actually the ones running scared, and they should be. America is looking to November 6th for one reason. A Change from Without! See you there America.











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