Public Education is very expensive.

April 13, 2013

Guest post by Ross Little

Taxpayers pay $9.1 billion per year for K-12 education in Louisiana, for 643,000 students in attendance. That’s $14,000 per student in attendance, per year.

Sounds like a lot to me.

This compares to $4,700 median private school tuition in Lafayette Parish.

Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge

Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But, local officials complain that they only get around $10,000 per year.

“Only” around $10,000? That’s still a lot more than private schools spend.

It’s not the taxpayers fault that the entire $14,000 doesn’t reach the local school system. I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe some stays in Washington. Maybe some stays in Baton Rouge. I’m not too sure where it goes.

The public school system is the problem.

Public schools have lots of great and caring teachers and principals.

They aren’t the problem.

We have a school system that gets twice what private schools get and yet still complains that it’s not enough. It’s the system that is the problem.

Teachers and principals are laboring under a system that is not conducive to education.

Local school systems complain that the system doesn’t receive the full $14,000 per year.

We understand.

Taxpayers point out that $14,000 is way to much to pay for education. In fact, $10,000 is way too much to pay for education.

If public schools received the same amount of money that private schools receive – around $4,700 per student per year — the savings would be tremendous. It would be a savings of around $6 billion per year.
Sounds like a lot to me.

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