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November 19, 2009

Magic Act of the Week — Did you see it? One minute he’s everywhere….and then poof he’s gone. Criss Angel? David Copperfield? Nope, Mayor Kip Holden after losing on the Alive bond issue. Where did he go? I thought his magic was fantastic when running down the street barefooted only to disappear into the backseat… but this trickery… amazing. He’s becoming a regular… Houdini. He deserves a big round of applause for coming so far from his clutzy days of, ahem, tripping on rugs and banging his eye on doorknobs.

Hallelujah, I’ve seen the light — In what is sure to draw the ire of guys down at Councilman Mike Walker’s personal blog, I finally get to say, Mike Walker gets it. I’ve missed him for a couple of years, here’s to coming home to his conservative roots. Oh come on, who doesn’t know the two guys at Old River Road Blog pledges allegiance to one councilman?

Get this man an S for his Chest — The Freshman Councilman didn’t just sit back and learn the ropes as most newly elected officials do… he’s faster than speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive train… okay, so he hasn’t proven to be all that, but in his first term he called the very popular mayor out, and found out the mayor wasn’t as good at playing games as everybody said he was… I hear Chris Berman… “That’s why they play the game.” Maybe for an encore, Joel Boe’ will change the course of mighty rivers, or bend steel in his bare hands.

Ma, Thar goes the neighborhood — to jail? I know often times people in government knock people over to get in front of the camera’s, but it’s getting down right uuuuugleeeeeeeee out there. Is it jealousy? Like, “oooh, look at the publicity stunt Bill Jefferson’s doing, look at all the free press he’s getting… I gotta go do that myself”. I would say that Baton Rouge is the next logical step, but I just don’t have confidence that they’ve finished cleaning up New Orleans yet. It’s like eradicating cockroaches from a sewer system – it’s not impossible but it ain’t gonna be easy.

Help, I’m getting shanked by CasperDale M. Noel for allegedly stabbing herself, which she allegedly admitted… like AG Eric Holder with terrorist, we don’t let people admit to crimes because that might be construed as an admittance of guilt and could sway a jury.

What’s this world coming too — when the police can’t take a tip from the dead guy? Or when an officer can’t defend himself while taking down a violent crime… Oh, violent sign… wait, what?

Just give me discount coupons — I’m not sure if that’s a better strategy than taking money from a prostitute, but if you’re gonna drop charges against a hooker it might be better to take the freebies instead. But apparently he wasn’t the only one as the story notes, the implications could run deep, including one Flitcher Bell who is fresh into his retirement after the FBI raided his office. Word on the street is that one person close to the mayor is also going to be arrested, but no promises made.

We can afford water soup — Aw Lord, here comes the complaints, the whining, “Baton Rouge lacks vision” crowd. I guess next they’ll tell us “Baton Rouge is so poor, mama’s gonna hafta cut holes in our pockets so we’ll have something to play with.” because… Baton Rouge just says no to taxes. Baton Rougeans don’t care about paying for no infrastructure, thar jist reeeeel tight with their money. Of course, this doesn’t take into account that Baton Rouge recently took on a new tax so their children could have parks and shared the vision the mayor did with Pinnacle only to feel like they’ve been shafted. And wasn’t this “much needed infrastructure” needed before we passed a new tax for BREC? Don’t we renew a twenty year tax every, what seems anyway, two years? Is this infrastructer so decrepit that our mayor should have called it to our attention before pushing a new BREC tax? Did it get decrepit overnight? Does anybody else think like me, that “Progress Is..” prioritizing your needs first, and then your wants second? I’m nearly at a loss for words that these people believe that every neat little project they think of should be paid for by other people’s money, then get mad when people finally say no to new taxes. How about letting some of those temporary taxes become temporary and not renew them first? I guess some people have just been spoiled stupid.


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