Quiet Riot – Don’t Bang Your Head, Use It.

November 15, 2012

I’ve heard the buzz of online petitions being signed that advocate secession. Over 109,000 people signed the petition to allow Texas to secede, and I’m sure quite a few of them were Liberal Democrats. I decided to put my own petition up to see what kind of buzz I could generate. Though not as attractive as secession, but somewhat more reasonable, my petition simply asked President Obama to resign if he didn’t get unemployment down below 6% by January 1, 2015. That’s over two years from now.

At this time it has 6 signatures, and I suspect that tomorrow morning there won’t be much more than that. This is the problem we have on our side. We’re not willing to do the little things to win. How many of us got up and voted? Most of us. How many of us took the time to become a poll watcher? How many of us knocked on doors for candidates? How many of us did just a little bit more? We’re thankful for the soldier who commits at least four years of his life to protect our country, and many of us can’t give our vote to the better of two men. Many of us can’t give just a little bit more, and there in lies the problem, the Democrats give just a little bit more. They’ll even vote twice if they can.

I’m not complaining about six signatures on my petition, it really wasn’t meant to go anywhere. I know Barack Obama won’t resign. In fact, I’m quite certain that Obama would be more than happy to serve a third term. The point of the petition was to show just how off base we on the right are, not in our policies, but in our politics.

I’m reminded of a story of a king, a beautiful pauper and her father. The king wanted the beautiful pauper as his wife, but she would always decline marriage to the king. One day the king had the father arrested and thrown in the dungeon. The princess went to the king and begged him to free her father. The king made the girl an offer, one she could not refuse. They would play a game and if the king won, the pauper will marry the king. If the pauper won, the father would be set free and the king would never bother the pauper again. The pauper agreed.

The court gathered and the king had a bag. He announced the rules of the game. He would put a black rock and a white rock from the ground into the bag. If the pauper pulled out the white rock, she wins. If she pulled out the black rock, she loses. The king knelt down to the ground and grabbed two black rocks and placed them in the bag. Nobody dared question the king, but the pauper saw it.

She reached into the bag, grabbed a rock and quickly dropped it on the ground. She reached back into the bag, grabbed the other black rock and showed everybody that the rock that was still in the bag was “the black rock”, and therefor, the rock she pulled out first “must have been the white rock”. She won and the king lost.

I remind myself of that story because no matter how bleak things appear to be, there is always a way to win. We aren’t out in the streets rioting much like the Democrats threatened to do, we are rioting in a quiet and peaceful manner. Still, we’re not using our head.

If we were playing a game of baseball, our batters would be swinging for the fences every single time, while their batters would be swinging to get on base and load the bases. Our home run hitters will hit their home runs. Their home run hitters get grand slams.

If you looked at local conservative blogs, they are all talking about national issues, maybe states, but few reach city council elections. Look at local liberal blogs, they are writing about their candidates for dog catcher as well as national. The left is really horrible at policy, but really great at politics. We’re the opposite. Our policies are superior, but are horrible at politics.

We’re out to win the national election, but they are out to win every local election. All politics are local and they practice it well. If we’re going to beat the Democrats, we’re going to have to go onto their turf and beat them there… on the local level.


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