Racial Tensions Rise!!

March 28, 2012


Leon Puissegur

This will be an article of what is beginning to take shape in our nation as we read this. The recent tragedy down in Florida is very bad indeed, but what is much worse is the actual moving by certain individuals to sort of “stir the pot” of racial tensions in this nation and it goes to the core of what is coming up in November, the Presidential elections! Our political process has all but failed as of today! I say this because for the First time ever, a President has spoken out about the tragedy in Florida, but not in a way to ask for justice, no, Obama came out in a way that as a President, Obama should NEVER had come out to state. Obama has once again failed to lead, but that is another story.

I said this would be a short expo and I plan on going through some of what I am learning about this case with the poor individual in Florida. First and foremost, all of us, of every color, ethnic background should take a breath and wait to see what develops with this case. One other thing that should be discussed, but again the mainstream media has all but shut it down, and that is the question of why Eric Holder is NOT doing anything, Once AGAIN, when it comes to the public action of the New Black Panthers. Now this group has placed a “bounty” on the head of the man whom shot Mr. Trayvon. This is a clear and precise “contract” for the body of the individual whom shot Mr. Trayvon, it is a clear display of a contract for hire to KILL an individual! Yet once AGAIN, the justice department under Eric Holder is not worried about an open display of a contract for hire, this is otherwise known as a contract for murder!

I have sat back and watched the Socialist/Communist attacks and use of these poor families for the advancement of the Socialist/Communist agenda. They are using the Zimmerman/Martin case as a way to stir up people in a racial way. If we look very deeply into this we may be able to find connections, after the fact, all the way up to the White House. I know I may be called crazy for just making such a wild statement, but why else would the Justice department NOT take action upon the New Black Panthers for their “PUBLIC” display of a contract for murder, no matter upon whom it may be on! What action would the Justice Department under Eric holder take had this sort of “Contract” would be placed upon a black person, or other minority? I am sure that if it happened in reverse, it would see a very quick action.

Now I have heard and understood from a couple of radio stations, where the news and actions are NOT suppressed, make statements that the man holding up the Assassination “Contract” has been pictured holding guns and yet he is a Convicted Felon whom is NOT supposed to even be around guns much less holding them. Many may decide to say this is a racist comment, but it is not. This is factual and the question bears out just why, Once AGAIN, is the Justice department NOT taking some sort of action against the New Black Panthers based upon their public display of an assassination “CONTRACT” for money, not to mention the violation of law by a convicted Felon? Irregardless of what anyone else has done, by what right does the New Black Panthers have to issue an “Assassination Contract”? Is this a decisive way that the Socialists are using to drive a wedge between the races by “using” the black people’s heart felt pain to the edge of violence so that they can ascertain their statements that they knew racial tensions are near the brink! Our nation is better then this. We should NOT use other people’s tragedy to swell the tides of any sort of tension just so a statement about Guns, race or anything else may be made! Now with the President making a statement that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, the President himself is working with those whom wish to inflame any sort of racial animosity, or any sort of confrontation.

I will write a full article about this a little later, AFTER the truth is truly brought out and we ALL know what really happened. I have witnessed the actions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both of whom have very close ties to known Socialist, as a matter of FACT, Jesse Jackson’s son himself has admitted to being a member of the SOCIALIST Party of America! So are we as a nation, a people OF mankind supposed to pass judgment before all the facts are in and based JUST upon the wishes of people with known Socialist ties that want more then anything to take ALL the guns away from people whom have a right to own them!

I shall write an article on this when I have seen all the FACTS come in. I refuse to say whether or not either one of these poor people are at fault, that is NOT for me to determine, it is for the Police and law people to decide. We as mankind should NEVER base our judgment upon anything like this until a COMPLETE investigation has been made. We as mankind, should NEVER allow people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make our minds up for us based solely upon their very biased purpose for doing that! Both of these men were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it is up to the Investigators to make the decision as to whom is wrong or right, it is NOT up to us as individuals to decide based upon our emotions of this time. The family of Trayvon Martin are being wrongfully “ABUSED” to further an agenda that is deeply hidden at the moment but this family is being pushed to make statements that may or may not be true, we as mankind will not know until a Complete investigation is done and until then we ALL need to ignore those of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton whom have no reason other then to stir up trouble. It is the decision of the law to make, not people driven by emotions like both of these families are now enduring. May God give both families the power to see through the wrongful actions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and wait for the Investigation to go to completion.


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