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March 12, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Saturday, March 10, 2012, I attended a Rally given by the North Shore Tea Party so the Representatives of the Republican Presidential Candidates. I approached each Representative of the Candidates with the exception of one, that being the representative for Mitt Romney. I had tried to offer Mitt Romney’s Campaign Headquarters a chance to answer the questions I had asked of the other Representatives at the rally and as of this writing have not heard from the Romney campaign at all. I shall give the names of the Representatives and the questions I asked them along with the answers they gave for the Candidate they represented. Beginning with Rick Santorum and going through the ones that sent people to represent their campaigns at the North Shore Tea Party Rally.

Rick Santorum, Republican Candidate for President represented by; Michael Baham.

Question; Will Mr. Santorum do away with Obamacare?

Answer; Yes!

Question; Will Mr. Santorum support the Veterans, especially the disabled veterans?

Answer; Yes!

Question: Will Mr. Santorum allow drilling in Federal lands and waters?

Answer; Yes!

Question; Will Mr. Santorum drop corporate tax to allow manufacturing come back to the

Answer; Yes, this is the cornerstone of his platform to bring manufacturing jobs
back to the United States.

Question; Will Mr. Santorum stop unfair trade with China?

Answer: I don’t know what his specific policy is, but his goal is to move US jobs back to
America from overseas.

Question; Will Mr. Santorum stop the export of gasoline and fuel from the United States
to other nations?

Answer; I can’t give you specific position on that but once again he supports America
becoming more energy independent and by doing that, that it’s basically
encouraging more drilling and refining in America.

Question; How will Mr. Santorum add jobs to America?

Answer; One is to drop taxes on industries to try and get them to move their
manufacturing jobs from overseas back to the United States.

The next Presidential candidate representative that I went to for the same questions was Mr. Austin Stukins. I asked the same questions as above and show the answers from him based upon Newt Gingrich’s platform presented in a brochure called; “21st Century Contract With America”.

Question; Will Mr. Gingrich do away with Obamacare?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question; Will Mr. Gingrich support the Veterans, especially the disabled veterans?

Answer: Well, I’m a veteran of the Marine Corps I’m an 80% disabled veteran and I
know for certain beyond all reasonable doubt that Speaker Gingrich will. In
fact Speaker Gingrich was a big in education of some of our General grade
officers of the military so he real deep understanding and knowledge of the
inner workings of the military and Department of Defense, but more
importantly, he helped train our brightest minds and leadership today in the
military so no doubt, does he have the capabilities and credentials to take care
of our military and take away the red tape and beauracracy of the VA and take
care of our veterans.

Question; Will Mr. Gingrich drop corporate tax to allow manufacturing come back to the

Answer: Mr. Gingrich has a detailed plan to drop all the percentage rates down.

Question; Will Mr. Gingrich stop unfair trade with China?

Answer: Mr. Gingrich’s plan is to bring the jobs back to the States and encourage the
companies to keep their jobs here in the States instead of outsourcing them
overseas. Absolutly that speaks for itself, a drop in the corporate sales tax
would encourage them to stay here and produce in America.

Question; Will Mr. Gingrich stop the export of gasoline and fuel from the United States
to other nations?

Answer: If you look at Speaker Gingrich’s 30 minute video at www.Newt.org which
outlines his energy plans, it outlines the pressing behind what he is intending to
do with our natural resources here within the States. Ultimately were looking at
increasing domestic production here in the United States so that we can lower
our gasoline prices below even $2.50 a gallon within the span of his
presidency. The objective is to increase our domestic production so we can
effectively keep more here at home but in turn, return a profit on any exports we
do send out.

Question: Will Mr. Gingrich allow drilling on Federal lands and waters?

Answer: Yes, see his 30 minute video at www.Newt.org.

Question; How will Mr. Gingrich add jobs to America?

Answer: When you reduce the corporate sales tax, that reduces the burden on American
corporations and businesses and what that does is provide an insensitive for
them because they obviously they withstand more capitol, they retain more
capital, therefore they have the capability to hire more people, to bring more
folks home and keep them employed here within the United States. So in turn
that decreases un-employment and increases employment just by reducing the
corporate sales tax, which encourages them to keep jobs here within the United

The next interview I did was with, Charlie Davis, the State Chairman for Ron Paul.

Question; Will Mr. Ron Paul do away with Obamacare?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question; Will Mr. Ron Paul support the Veterans, especially the disabled veterans?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: Will Mr. Ron Paul allow drilling in Federal and lands and waters?

Answer: Sure!

Question; Will Mr. Ron Paul drop corporate tax to allow manufacturing come back to the

Answer: I believe his tax policies are to get everything to zero.

Question: Will Mr. Ron Paul stop unfair trade with China?

Answer: I don’t know his specific policies are about China.

Question: Will Mr. Ron Paul stop the export of gasoline and fuel oils from the United

Answer: Yes!

Question: Will Mr. Ron Paul allow the building of more refineries in the United States?

Answer: Sure!

Question: What is Mr. Ron Paul’s plan to add more jobs?

Answer: His plan to increase jobs in this country is based upon the people’s freedoms,
making it easier to start companies, you know most jobs are created by small
businesses, it is very difficult to start companies in this country. We encourage
people to get a job, as opposed to encourage people to employ other people.
We make college more expensive then it has to be. We make it very difficult to
grow your business. We over tax everybody. We do believe that you can
significantly improve the growth rate of all American businesses and start new
businesses, primarily by simplifying the tax code. Just make life a little more
fair, a little more common sense

Mr. Mitt Romney did not have a serious group of people at this event and only one lady was willing to speak for his campaign, but I was unable to get an interview from the lady because she left before I could get one. So for any information on Mitt Romney, you will have to go to his web site and find out what he represents.

I did get brochures from the other candidate representatives and they showed the ideas of the candidate from their positions. I used these few questions because I always hear people asking these questions when they discuss the politics of the day.

Of all the Candidates, Speaker Newt Gingrich is the only one with a 10 point plan for his Legislative Proposals.

After the people listened to the speakers from all the Candidates, they were asked to file into a room and cast their ballot for the Presidential candidate of their choice. The results were counted and they are as follows:

Presidential Candidates;

Newt Gingrich – 34%

Rick Santorum – 30%

Ron Paul – 30%

Mitt Romney – 6%

I believe in what one speaker used in her speech, Anyone BUT Obama! When anyone questions me about whom I would vote for, I always say, ABO! It is up to each individual to register and vote! This election is perhaps the most important election ever and if we as a people allow those now in control to continue, our very freedoms themselves will begin to vanish even more then they are now. Obama has given the wrong information to the people when he states that more drilling has happened under his watch, he uses the “PRIVATE” lands under development for OIL while under Obama’s watch, more then 50 percent reduction has developed in drilling all over the areas where our nation has OIL on Federal lands! Let the people use what we have and keep it here in our nation and we will never have to have any need for foreign Oil again!

I have presented this as information for you to use to make a choice for the Presidential candidate of your choice and one that will help our nation bring down the high price of gas and fuel, which will help bring down the cost of living.

THE CASE OF THE DYING ASPENS. go to site public domain images

States News Service December 12, 2011 STANFORD, Calif. — The following information was released by the Carnegie Institution for Science:

Over the past 10 years, the death of forest trees due to drought and increased temperatures has been documented on all continents except Antarctica. This can in turn drive global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by trees and by releasing carbon locked up in their wood. New research led by Carnegie researcher and Stanford University PhD student William Anderegg offers evidence for the physiological mechanism governing tree death in a drought. The work is published the week of December 12 by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Forests store about 45 percent of the carbon found on land. Their mortality can radically transform ecosystems, affect biodiversity, harm local economies, and pose fire risks, as well as increase to global warming.

Scientists had two competing theories for how forest trees die during a drought. One hypothesis proposed that the trees starved due to decreased photosynthetic activity. The other proposed that the system for transporting water within a tree was damaged beyond repair due to the stresses of the drought.

Without knowing which theory was correct, it was difficult for researchers to build models and make projections about the larger impact of drought-induced forest mortality.

The team focused their efforts on climate-induced die offs of trembling aspen trees in North America. They looked directly at both carbon starvation and water-transportation stress on ongoing forest deaths.

Aside from Anderegg, the author team includes Carnegie’s Chris Field and Joe Berry, along with William’s brother Leander, and Duncan Smith and John Sperry of the University of Utah. Leander Anderegg was a Stanford undergraduate at the time the fieldwork was completed.

The aspen die-off, called Sudden Aspen Decline or SAD, began after severe droughts between 2000 and 2004 and affects about 17 percent of aspen forests in Colorado, as well as parts of the western United States and Canada. SAD continued through 2010, when the research was conducted.

“Large scale mortality events, such as we see with aspens, are the dynamite in ecosystem responses to climate change. We know that when they occur, they make a huge difference. But we are at the early stages of being able to predict occurrence,” said Field, director of Carnegie’s Department of Global Ecology and professor of biology and of environmental Earth systems science at Stanford.

The team found no evidence of significantly decreased carbon reserves in SAD-affected aspens. This undercuts the starvation theory, although it is possible that carbon starvation had occurred and already been rectified.

By contrast they did find notable losses of function in the tree’s water-transportation systems, especially in the roots. SAD-affected trees showed about a 70 percent loss of water conductivity. Potted trees exposed to a summer’s-worth of drought exhibited significant root mortality. publicdomainimagesnow.net public domain images

“Our study provides a snapshot of what future droughts could hold for the emblematic tree of the American West. Our results indicate an impaired ability to transport water due to drought damage plays an important role in the recent die-off of aspens,” William Anderegg said.

The team’s work will provide guidance for scientists seeking to build models and projections of forest mortality as a result of climate change.

Caption: Aspen woods photo courtesy of Public Domain Images __________________ Funding and equipment for this research was provided by the Stanford Bill Lane Center for the American West, the Morrison Institute, Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Association, the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford Biology, and the Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program, which was made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and is administered by the Oak Ridge Institution for Science and Education, managed by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities under DOE.


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