Rally and Straw Poll!

March 10, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Today I went to a rally held by the Northshore Tea Party. I worked with this very good group of people before and found it very nice to be back with them, although today I was there just to interview the representatvies of the Presidential candidates.

I sat down early this morning and actually had a long list of questions then decided to drop them down to just 8 questions. Those eight(8) questions were as follows;

1. Will this candidate do away with Obamacare?

2. Will this candidate support our nations Veterans,
especially the Disabled Veterans?

3. Will this candidate allow drilling on and in Federal
Lands both on shore and offshore?

4. Will this candidate drop the coroporate tax rate to
help draw manafucturing jobs back to the United States?

5. Will this candidate stop unfair trade practices with
China, such as either forcing them to pay more to
their workers or drop their tariffs and taxes on goods
we send over there?

6. Will this candidate stop the Exporting of refined
Gasoline and fuel from our nation to Mexico and other

7. Will this candidate build more oil refineries to help
produce more of our own oil?

8. What will this candidate do to create more jobs here
in the United States?

I know these are very simple questions and they do not seem to be much, but these are at the very core of this entire election. Sadly, one of the Candidates did not send any sort of representative to this rally, but in the duty of being fair, I have asked the Campaign Headquarters of that Candidate to get back to me with answers to those questions so I can post their answer along with those whom did make the event.

This was a very good event and speeches were given for all the Republican candidates, but I was unable to contact the one person that just happened to be there that spoke for the Candidate that failed to send more then the lady to this event. Since I have answers from the other representatives to these questions, I feel it is only fair to allow the one that failed to make this event a chance to answer these questions also. At that time, I will state just whom it was that did not send anything or anyone to really present his views so all could hear them.

Being as this is what it is, I will send a copy of this to the candidates headquarters with the questions and give them to Monday evening to give an answer, if I do not get a response, I will not present any view from that Candidate at all.

I will have all the answers with the other candidate for president ready for publication by Monday afternoon.


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