Random Thoughts

October 2, 2007

I wonder if Kathleen Blanco wears a thong. If not, she ought to, after all, thongs are about as skimpy as her accomplishments as governor.

Since Patch is Patch because he drove down a closed road, and since liberals are never responsible but it’s always the fault of the big business, I wonder if he’s trying to punish the oil companies because his car would not have been able to go if it didn’t have oil in it?
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Since everything is George Bush’s fault, I wonder, does Ted Kennedy blame George Bush for not giving Mary Jo Kopechne swimming lessons?

If Bobby Jindal does go on win the Governorship, I wonder if he’ll rename the mansion to Louisiana’s Taj Mahal?

If John George’s wins, I wonder if he’ll accept tax payments in casino tokens.

If Walter Boasso wins, I wonder, will he clean the air conditioning vents out with a box of tide and a hose?

With three weeks to go before the election, I wonder, is Boasso or Patch working on plans to recount the results over and over?

Listening to liberals worry about everything that’s potentially going to end the world, I wonder, how much longer they will last before they have a collective aneurysm pop in their brains?

I wonder, is Hillary’s cackle an audition for the Wicked Witch of the East or just a Halloween trick or treat?

Since he rode in the middle of the night to wake people up for war, I wonder why Liberals haven’t pointed to Paul Revere as another crazy village idiot who rushed us into war?

I wonder, why they haven’t praised Benedict Arnold for his courage to stand up to that crazy village idiot who rushed us into war.

When Kathleen Blanco leaves office, I wonder, will she move to a place far away from hurricane hit areas?

If Kathleen moves to Hollywood, I wonder, will she star in the Andy Griffith Show movie as Aunt Bea?

I wonder, three years from now, will I still be as happy as I am today that Kathleen Blanco is no longer going to be our governor? Well, that last one…. probably so.


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