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February 8, 2009

I don’t have any single issue on my mind today, but I have several little thoughts going through my mind. I decided to write them down as an article.

The only Conservative or Moderate Democrat that exists in Washington D.C. are the one that are seeking re-election. Now that Mary Landrieu was recently elected, she’s out of touch once again, and siding with the ubba-liberals and out of touch with her constituents in Louisiana.

If Senator Mary Landrieu was such a moderate, why then is she supporting such an extreme spending bill and giving power to people who are so far out of line with Louisiana thinking? She doesn’t represent us or she would be standing next to Senator David Vitter and demanding that spending on social experiments be withdrawn, and tax cuts be given to the producers, and real stimulus spending be met.

If the government decided a farmer had too much food, and thus didn’t need so much seed, the government would then take his seed and give it to the city boy who did no farming and call it fairness. When the city boy would waste the seed, the government then say it was because the farmer still had too much seed, and the city boy didn’t get enough seed. When the boy wasted that seed, the government would again come to the farmer, who now produces less food and less seed, and say that ‘it’s unfair the farmer has so much food, while the city boy doesn’t grow any food’ and take even more seed to give to the person who will do nothing with that seed. In the end there’s less food, bringing the cost of remaining food higher, less work needed to be done since the farmer isn’t growing as much, and more people demanding seed so they can waste it too. That seed in economics is called investments.

And this is the failure of a government bent on social experiments. Some people constantly take money from the government and never turn that money into a self producing entity. There’s people on welfare who have absolutely no shame in presenting their food stamp card, or worse, even proud to do it. They get that money from month to month, but never get a job, never discover what they could have done with their lives, with their talents. They remain undiscovered and poor. Not only is it cruel to the person who was robbed of their money in the name of fairness, and to the worker who would have gladly taken the job that never was created, but it’s also an intolerable cruelty to the person on welfare who remains mired in poverty in the name of compassion.

“Mr. Obama, if it’s only 1% of the Stimulus bill that the Republicans are complaining about, then adhere to their complaints and remove those items they are complaining about so you can have their ‘bipartisan’ support, or at least to be able to deny the blame on yourself.”

This is one argument Obama has made that I simply can’t fathom anybody taking up his defense for. He’s complaining about Republican partisanship because as he said “are complaining about 1% of the spending in the stimulus package.” But what the Republicans are complaining about are legitimate complaints and if it only amounts to 1%, and this bill must pass, quit being stupid and remove that only 1% of not stimulus spending so you can pass this bill that is urgently needed. It must not be that urgent if he can’t remove 1% of wasteful spending in the bill in order to get it passed… unless of course it amounts to a much bigger percentage of wasteful spending, which is what it is.

The term ‘moderate Democrat’ is like a socialist saying “I like government dictating what people can or can’t do and I want to see a whole lot more of it, I just don’t like the despotism that goes with it.”

I’ve often heard people describe socialism as the most perfect system on paper, but it would never work but I can’t subscribe to that thinking. Socialism, from the second it was written on paper was destined to become a dictatorship. Socialism needs a powerful government to deny a person the fruits of it’s labor, it must force people to contribute, and it strips the people of their individuality as what one person decides is right for himself, another may see as being him more wealthy than others. All homes must be identical, all cars must be identical, every thing must be identical, because if not, others may want what you have, and that wouldn’t be fair to them that you don’t have it.

Democrats are the party that needs the people to embrace the Seven Deadly Sins

Lust — Barney Franks with a male hooker, Gavin Newsome- sleeping with his deputy’s wife, Bill Clinton with a girl less than half his age (remember everybody does it?). When Republicans do it, they’re called hypocrites, but Democrats embrace lust, and they want you to do it too.
Gluttony — and who is the party of free lunches (and which now wants government to take control of the obesity problem?)
Greed — Hands in the cookie jar, spending outrageous amounts of money, thinking they deserve that money, and taking from the people who produced that money.
Sloth — You don’t have to work, we’ll find a government program to take care of you. Also be the victim, be sad, be in despair, government will come to your rescue if you fail
Wrath — When you fail, blame other people, especially if they are rich, or Republicans. Blame people because the color of their skin, because they are white, or because they are black. Blame racism, blame everything except the person who’s most responsible for the life you life, yourself.
Envy — It’s not enough to want what the rich have, but because you don’t have it, don’t achieve it for yourself, take it away from them.
Vanity — Yes, only you have compassion, everybody else is cruel.

The difference between a socialist and a capitalist can be easily identified. A capitalist can live without the socialist, a socialist can’t live without the capitalist.

Capitalism can work without socialism. As people become wealthy, they tend to share their wealth on their own, without any influence from the government. It’s an innate desire that all people have to be wealthy enough to give back. The socialist encourages hoarding as his intentions are to take from others without giving back to them. He would deny others the fruits of their labor in order to describe himself as compassionate. Without capitalism, the producers would then only produce enough for their selves, and tyranny would have to follow.

Do to overwhelming traffic, nostimulus.com is down


States News Service October 1, 2010 WASHINGTON — The following information was released by the office of Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney:

Congressman John F. Tierney announced that the Saugus Police Department will receive $643,950 in federal funding as part of the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Hiring Program. This award will allow the Saugus Police Department to hire three additional law enforcement officers. site law enforcement jobs

“This federal funding will help the Saugus Police Department hire new officers to protect our community,” Congressman John Tierney said. “As our economy continues to recover, this kind of federal funding goes a long way toward helping Saugus law enforcement officers keep our families safe.” These federal grants go directly to law enforcement agencies to hire new and/or rehire career law enforcement officers in an effort to increase their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts. this web site law enforcement jobs

“On behalf of the Saugus Police Department and our community, I want to thank Congressman Tierney for his support on this important funding. This funding will make a significant impact on the quality of life for the citizens of Saugus,” Domenic J. DiMella, Chief of Police, Saugus Police Department.


Not one year since Johnson have the Republican Neo-conservatives had a balanced budget, they have always spent more than their Revenues. Talk all you want about the Democrats the TRUTH is for every one to see. The conservatives talk about Democrats wanting big government, yet the republicans are the ones that spend more than the take in. http://www.cedarcomm.com/~stevelm1/usdebt_files/image006.jpg


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