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April 13, 2007

I must apologize for not writing lately. As our readers already know, we have been granted an exclusive interview with Bobby Jindal, candidate for Governor of Louisiana and I have been doing some work on that. But just because I have been focusing a little bit on that, does not mean my brain quit producing political thoughts.

I just looked at a picture of Hugo Chavez and I have to admit, he looks pretty good. Why wouldn’t he? With the ability to dictate whatever he wants in Venezuela and now taking at least 60% control of Venezuelan oil fields, he ought to look good. But with all that newly acquired wealth, there’s still something that he’s missing. I know one thing that Hugo Chavez could add that would improve the quality of life for all Venezuelans, make the world a better place, and make Hugo Chavez much more handsome – that would be a bullet hole between his eyes.

Was it John Breaux’s intentions all along to aid Bobby Jindal become the next Governor? I don’t think so. It was a significant blow to Bobby Jindal’s chances when Governor Kathleen Blanco saw the writing on the wall and decided not to seek re-election. Republicans rallied around Jindal early on, as did the rest of Louisiana’s voters, but when Blanco passed on her decision, the race became wide open. The prospect of John Breaux gave Republicans reason to rally around Jindal, but now he’s not there.

If the Democrats are serious about getting Bobby Jindal elected, they should push for picture me this Landrieu. If you’ll recall, Mitch was the semi bald guy who kept getting pictures snapped of him “rescuing” survivors during hurricane Katrina. With stars still in his eyes, consider him as a candidate for Governor, as if the voters of Louisiana needed a reason to rally around Jindal.

Is it just me, or are the Democrats really living in the 1950’s? In a world where millions of spam emails are sent out daily, who knows, maybe hourly, Democrats are upset that the Bush administration deleted emails, and moreso, saying that it’s not possible to delete the emails. I know the Democrats need to be brought up to speed, but there’s these things call computers and, believe it or not, with a push of a button you can delete anything off of your computer. Back in the 1950’s, they couldn’t delete things that easy, but such was life.

The solution to Global Warming is very simple, according to the Freedom grabbers, all we need to do is change every aspect of our lives, and completely ignore the history of world temperatures. Unscrew your lightbulbs and unplug every appliance before you leave the house, ride a bike to work so people like Al Gore can fly around in private jets, only flush your toilets once a week, and quit eating meats and maybe, just maybe we can stop global warming. Just a few little problems with that, the sun is getting hotter, historically the earth has gone through several warming and cooling periods, and humans would have to stop breathing to stop putting CO2 into the air. That’s just a little inconvenient truth.

Speaking of Al Gore, I noticed his DVD had an “environmentally safe” wrapping. Only thing was, it was the part that we don’t throw away that was missing. Since you had a package that didn’t protect your DVD, do you think you got a discount when you bought it? Like all things Democratic, it’s not important whether your contribution is actually helpful, what matters is if your a Democrat.

Word has it that Gary Beard is eyeing the Lt. Governor position, and with John Breaux not running, and Mitch’s starry eyes on helping Bobby Jindal get elected, the Lt Governor’s seat becomes all more appealing. If that’s the case, look to David Boneno run for Representative Beards seat. After tonight’s events, that scenario becomes all the more realistic. If Boneno runs, then he needs to step down from heading the Baton Rouge Republican party and be a serious candidate. I’d hate to see a repeat of Sean Riecke. It’s not honorable that he serves as both a party candidate and party leader, just tolerable on a small scale.

It’s deplorable that our schools are in the state that they are in. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Baton Rouge Business Report spend as much time talking about how Charlotte Placide and how deplorable our school system in Baton Rouge is? Instead of agreeing with Glasper because they don’t like Glasper, if that makes any sense, perhaps they should be asking Charlotte Placide to step to the side and let a real superintendent run our school system. Seriously.

Under normal circumstances, we’d be shocked, shocked I tell you that we have a 23 year old lesbian child molestor taking students home and, well, licking stamps. Okay, so it wasn’t stamps, but in Baton Rouge, we’ve become quite accustomed to seeing things like this. We just had the controversy at Valley Park, the school bus driving, students hitting teachers and defecating in the halls, and just an overall unsafe environment. Let’s not forget the day the teachers took of to protest in front of the state capitol for a pay raise. On that same day, two Baton Rouge teachers were arrested for attempting to cash fake checks they had made and had ecstacy in their posession. Let’s not even begin to mention the 5th grade orgy in North Louisiana that recently occured and we wonder why we rank near the bottom in just about everything? For those of you who are offended that I called a lesbian a child molestor, she was lesbian, and she did… hey what da ya want? At least I didn’t call her a ‘nappy headed ho’.

And what is this “Right not to be offended”? idea that’s plagueing our nation? Nobody has the right not to be offended, you have the right to choose to be offended. It’s a choice you make. Anybody in America can get offended for whatever reason they want, but the easier you are too offend, the more likely people won’t like you. Isn’t it ironic that the people who are the easiest to offend are usually the most offensive?

Take Al Sharpton for example, he was offended by Don Imus’s Rutger’s girls comments, demanded an apology from Imus, and wanted Imus fired from his job. Shouldn’t Al Sharpton also apologize to the Duke LaCrosse players for inciting racial indifference for demanding that the players be prosecuted? Shouldn’t he also be fired? In fact, I don’t think Sharpton ever apologized for the Tawana Brawley story that he brought national attention too, and that story, like the Duke LaCrosse story turned out to be based on a lie.

If we want to end racial divisions behind, we need to start shunning people like Sharpton. People like that, like David Duke, use race as a tool of self promotion.

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