September 15, 2007

Mike Walsworth always had an interest in politics. Mike was on the front-end of starting the Young Republicans when he began furthering his education at Northeast Louisiana University. Being involved and wanting to make things better have always been in his heart. I have heard countless comments on how Mike has helped others, not only in his regular duties, but outside his Representative District, to go above and beyond his official capacities. Along with personal observations, I have no doubts, none, that Mike Walsworth is a most genuine individual that truly cares about his family, his friends, and even the most remote stranger.
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I have been following Mike around now for several months. We have become good friends and I hope that will never change. Mike is the kind of person that gives people comfort by simply knowing him. His concern for others’ troubles will always be at the forefront of his thoughts. The proof of this does not come solely from my observations or from the many accolades from his constituency, but from his decisive actions that are a matter of fact.

One of the best examples of Mike’s personal caring came with his successful legislation to protect families from sick and twisted individuals that would invade the privacy of a family for reasons of perverted voyeurism. How could any of us imagine having our homes invaded and our children put in jeopardy by a mentally disturbed person to find out that the State had failed to make such activity illegal and beyond the protection of law enforcement? Mike changed that, and a victimized, but grateful mother sings his praises freely.

On a larger scale, Mike Walsworth has proven himself to be a strong advocate for family values and the Louisiana Family Forum has strongly celebrated Mike’s consistent efforts to place Louisiana families over all else. For the last four years alone, Mike Walsworth has scored a perfect 100% rating from the Louisiana Family Forum for standing for strong family values in a wide range of legislative actions.

Mike fought to make Louisiana the first state in the country to ban the abhorrent practice of partial birth abortion, which only serves to lower the value of all life.

Mike has fought against the expansion of gambling that has served more to put families in bankruptcy than provide the promised governmental financing.

Mike has fought to improve education by supporting community schools, improving TOPS, and supporting families long frustrated with a failed education system that remains at the bottom of the list, suffering from an unyielding status quo.

Mike has fought to relieve families from burdensome taxes by calling for the total repeal of the Stelly Tax and has supported tax cuts on local business to provide security for jobs and promote our children living in Louisiana. Without a decent job, it is much harder to maintain a strong family unit when our children move away to find lasting employment. This fact has certainly never been lost on Mike Walsworth and not only does Mike fight to promote strong families, Mike fights to promote local business and new economic development as the lifeblood of our communities.

Mike Walsworth is credited with leading the way to overcome special interests to finally locate a badly needed bridge across the Ouachita River by creating the Ouachita Expressway Authority.

Recognizing the importance of the Ouachita River to the Northeast Louisiana region, Mike worked to create the Ouachita River Port Commission and worked closely with U.S. Senator and Representative, Vitter and Alexander to make the Port a reality.

In a recent debate in his bid to become Senator for the District 33, Mike pointed out how his opponent’s party has courted business from outside the state to the tune of over a billion dollars, but failed to support the near unanimous vote to provide a pittance of a tax break to local business.

In what was seen as political deception, the Democrat Party initially joined with Republicans in a clear display of fiscal responsibility to provide tax relief to local businesses, the highest in the nation. However, when it came time to standby their votes and override what appeared to be a planned veto by the Democrat Governor, the Democrat legislators refused to provide that promised relief. Jobs and families were, once again, put in greater jeopardy by a Democrat controlled Legislature responsible for the largest budget in state history more focused on theaters and museums, than healthcare, schools, or economic development.

At the root of Louisiana’s problems is the lack of ethics in government. Louisiana Government has for too long been known as the most corrupt in the country. With a former Democrat Governor sitting in prison today, is there any wonder, and the list of convicted, indicted, and those under investigation continues to grow.

Mike Walsworth has been at the forefront of Ethics Reform. Mike authored legislation to prohibit state officials from doing business with the state, a major source of corruption, but in typical Good Old Boy style, the legislation was defeated. With Bobby Jindal likely becoming the next Governor and dedicated to ethics reform, Mike intends to continue the fight to cleanup this state of crooked politicians and regain the trust of a growing list of apathetic voters.

The differences between Representative Mike Walsworth and his opponent for Senate District 33 are glaring. All one needs to do is read the facts, examine the votes, and hear the cries from the public for change. Mike Walsworth has long fought for those changes and the facts and the votes bear this out.

Today in Louisiana the voters have before them an opportunity they have never seen before to make real and positive changes in our state. With so many of the Good Old Boys being term-limited, we have the opportunity to put in place leaders that will support and standby a new Governor that will be dedicated to making those changes. Bobby Jindal will be a new and brighter light for Louisiana to follow and Mike Walsworth has dedicated his support to those same changes to make Louisiana a better place for our families. Together these men can do more to save Louisiana than has been seen in many decades and all the voters have to do is try something different. Get rid of the Good Old Boys and vote for change. Vote to pull Louisiana off the bottom of the barrel and move the state in a positive direction.

Vote Bobby Jindal for Governor of Louisiana and send him the best help available, Senator Mike Walsworth.

Jackie Perritt
Jackie Perritt

Good article - Mike is a great person and a good friend to my family.


A very good article. It has been my pleasure to meet Mike and get to know him better. I believe Mike is the BEST man for this area. I have seen some of the work he has done. I look forward to helping anyway possible before, during, and after the election. Horace


Good article ... captures the heart of Mike ... he's got a BIG heart,the energy, the desire ... to be of service to his fellow citizens, north Louisiana and this state of ours ... something we need now more than ever.


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