Repurchasing Louisiana

October 21, 2011

As a tea party conservative, I understand that if true reform is to take place in our nation, it is going to have to happen by every state electing a new breed of principled constitutional conservatives, not only to Congressional seats, but also to state and local seats as well. So when I come across a candidate in any state and for any office that I feel is one who would help in some way to take back our country and reclaim our republic, I want to do what I can to help make that happen. I am in a very unusual position this election cycle, because after the 2010 elections, there are no local races in which I can vote that do not already have a stellar conservative filling the seat, and no SC statewide seats are open in 2012.

Because of not really having much to campaign for here in SC this cycle, I am trying to focus as much as I can on races across the country where I can help to bring attention to worthy candidates. One such person is Louisiana’s Laura O’Halloran. Laura is a candidate for the 81st district, which is a newly created district due to this year’s redistricting. I got to know Laura through our involvement as National Co-Directors for Campaign to Draft Jim DeMint 2012, which is a national grass-roots movement (all volunteer and unpaid) trying to convince Senator Jim DeMint to run for President in 2012. We have both worked very hard on this effort and I have seen in Laura a true commitment to what some might refer to as “DeMint conservatism.”

This is Laura’s first time running for office, but she has been hard at work for a while now in the conservative movement. While asking her some questions about how she got involved the political process she told me, “I was always interested in politics – even in high school. Being the daughter of a military officer, the importance of being conscientious of world affairs was stressed in the household. It wasn’t until about 2005 when I learned about the Fair Tax that I began to really take notice. Then in 2008, as I tell everyone, I became a part of the “sleeping giant” that had awakened.” She went on to say, “On Tax Day, 2009, I told my daughter that she was getting her civics lesson for the day by taking her to the first Tea Party rally held by the Baton Rouge Tea Party. The expected number for this rally was around 500, but the actual attendance turned out to be 5,000. Since then, I’ve been active in one way or another with the Tea Party movement. I began to volunteer for Americans for Fair Taxation in 2010. After working at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, I was asked by Doug Opbroek, the Director for the 4th Congressional District in Shreveport, if I would like to take over for the 6th District. I accepted without hesitation. I began to speak to different Tea Party groups across the southern half of the state, educating others about the Fair Tax Act.”

I think an important question to ask of anyone who gets into politics is WHY and WHAT compelled them decide to do it? Laura told me, “Being a fan of Senator Jim DeMint and becoming a part of the Draft campaign, I felt a need to have the right people in government at state and local levels that emulate the same principles as well. Jim DeMint inspires the Conservative in me, and compels me to seek the best out of Republicans. The slogan I use in my campaign “RePurchase Louisiana!” is just about that. Specifically, in Louisiana, we see the Democrats switching to the Republican Party in record numbers. People are saying that we now have the largest number of Republicans in our State Legislature since Reconstruction. That means ABSOLUTELY nothing to me unless those “Republicans” are genuinely Conservative. What we have, is a whole new generation of RINOs set out to confuse the public, and no longer can we tell who is under what label.” Surely we here in SC can relate to what Ms. O’Halloran is saying. We have the same problem of non-conservative “Republicans” controlling our legislature. Even with strong “Republican” majorities in both houses of our legislature, we could not get a simple school choice bill passed. That’s why we need people like Laura in every state to step up as she has and run against the moderate republican establishment at every level of government.
I asked Laura what are the most important things to her that she wishes to accomplish if elected? And she explained, “I plan to introduce solutions which will address the core values of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and promotion of the free market system within Louisiana. I also will live by the “RePurchase Louisiana!” motto by forming a Conservative Caucus in the House to get the RIGHT solutions passed and block the harmful legislation. We must also cut the strings from the federal government and be able to invoke the 10th Amendment in giving states back their power from the over-reaching regulation and taxation in health care, education, and in so-called environmental initiatives such as “smart growth,” and “sustainable development.” She went on to say, “One solution I will introduce is the Health Care Compact which is what we have already been working on this year. Gov. Bobby Jindal has stated that he will support the measure in joining other states on this interstate compact in order to circumvent the presidential veto power and allow Congress to give the people of Louisiana back the power of choice in their health.”


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Laura has as one of her top priorities to end the state income tax. “The second of many things I want to accomplish –and my passion – is to end the state income tax with a non-partisan bill called the LA1TAX. “ She has a very solid plan of how to implement her LA1Tax plan and I would encourage anyone interested to contact her for the details. Laura has been a long time advocate of the fair Tax plan, and after ending the state income tax she wants to change over to a type of Fair Tax, “By implementing a small, fractional, consumption tax – everyone contributes, and we avoid a burden on any one segment of society in a non-regressive way.”
Her approach to the fiscal issues and her plans for reform seem to be well thought out and workable to me. But perhaps one of the things that most impresses me about Laura O’Halloran is that she is an unapologetic conservative! One of the great things about politics today is that through social networking we have been allowed to get to know people we would otherwise never have known. It has opened up and greatly leveled the playing field for the non-establishment, lesser-connected, and lesser-funded candidates. Social media has given them a great chance at not only winning, but winning big!

Laura and I have a lot of interaction through facebook and here is something she commented recently when debating with a rather non-reasonable hyper-libertarian. “The Constitution requires a moral foundation in order to function. If we denounce the Higher power that granted us these freedoms, we will be doomed to Islamic rule as a result. Islam is NOT for our Constitution. They are out for our blood. I don’t completely agree with the barbaric historical acts of any particular religion, but we are a more civilized society now with a duty to protect the foundation of this country INCLUDING our friend and ally, Israel. Candidate for office or not, I have principles that I will not cross- including compromising my beliefs for a vote. I will not be apologetic for offending anyone with these statements either. I just don’t understand why Islam is being defended because of The Crusades, or any other historical event. No religion on earth is perfect, but we have the right to maintain what America was founded on.” Laura made this comment on her own facebook wall and it was not part of any prepared statement. It was a quick and natural response to a fundamental issue and I think it speaks very well to her basic principled instincts. Her faith seems to be what guides her and leads her to discernment and wisdom.

I am very proud to call Laura my friend, and I am honored to be fighting with her every day in the trenches of the conservative movement. I truly hope that the people of Louisiana’s 81st district will afford her the opportunity to serve her state as the first Representative from district 81!

By: Javan Browder

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