June 18, 2012


Leon Puissegur

I have been on vacation for the past three weeks and we went to Disney World, Cape Kennedy, Universal, and came home for just 3 days before going to Boston and what we saw was something that opened my eyes as to why this nation is now teetering on failure. It has to do with one word, “RESPECT”! Yes this has come to light to me during my vacation. Although I have been told not to write in first person, it is my strong belief that this MUST be done to show what is now lacking within our very nation now. Many say that respect is earned and not given, but I am now convinced that this is not true, Respect is taught and if it is not taught then it just dies. I love my nation and have seen it slowly begin to fall apart from lack of respect to others and to those of who have disabilities.

Let me begin by making the statement that I am a Disabled Vietnam veteran and with that I will show just how little people really care or show any emotion for the disabled. Disney used to have just wheel chairs for the disabled, but now people around the park have found that they can rent scooters for those who do have trouble walking about and that brings the problem of abuse by those whom are just too lazy to walk around. I was issued a scooter by the VA and brought it with me to Disney World because I cannot walk without feeling pain in my back if I should walk far. I figured that maybe because it was the week before Memorial Day people would be considerate towards me. I found that I was a bother to those who can walk around and I got stares from those very people when I got on the bus because I was the first one on, but what they did not bother to see is that I was the last one off.

Disney World has many people from around the world going there and that is throughout the entire park system. Of the thousands and thousands of people at Disney World, only about 30 people thanked me for being a Soldier or service to my nation, and this included about 6 employees of Disney World! I can understand the fact that many of these people may well have been from other nations so this did not bother me at all. What bothered me most was one couple that actually told me I should be in an institution rather then running around almost running people over. This happened at the Pirates of the Caribbean and I was just trying to cross through the people to get to my family on the other side. One of the Disney employees witnessed this then directed the people to stop so I could cross, I did not catch his name but he was one of the few that thanked me for my service. Once again, the lack of “RESPECVT” was the core of what happened that day.

I had another employee of Disney come in front of me and state that the picture he took would be for the hero of the day. He also thanked me for my service to this wonderful nation. I saw the picture later and I was looking at my phone. Although he made the statement, I am not any sort of hero, the only hero’s that I know of give their lives to protect others no matter what, and since I did not give my life and only suffered an injury, I am not a hero. I did appreciate those that came to me and thanked me for my service; one family in particular did thank me in a way t6hat I will cherish forever. The Jones family of Doe Run, Missouri gave me special thanks and a card that I keep next to my sofa and that card read;

For all YOU do or have done to protect our freedom!

We appreciate your

The Jones family of Doe Run, Missouri

Feel free to Email us at:

I hope that every Veteran of ALL wars send this family a short Email for keeping our Troops in their minds and hearts. To many this card would be a meaningless piece of cardboard, but to those whom have served for this GREAT nation, it means the world and the people that do have the “RESPECT” we need so very bad today. Thanks to that family, I did not care what those who saw me stated because just that card made it all worthwhile.

In our trip to Universal Studios, I was greeted by several employees there that thanked me for my service. It was not as crowded there as it was at Disney and I forced myself to go there without my scooter. That night I twisted and turned trying to ease the pain in my back, but it was just what I decided to do. They did not have as many scooters there and I did use my cane to walk with. It rained and once again few people came to me and thanked me for my service. Although I did not seek people to make that statement, I am led to conclude that even if one is in uniform, they would get very little greeting by those of today’s youth and some of the middle age groups. Once again it all comes down to “RESPECT”.

At Kennedy Space Center, I was greeted and thanked for my service by most of the staff. But considering where I was, one would draw that they were told or requested to honor any Veteran or military person especially since many of those working there either worked for military or knew of military personnel. Through all this vacation I drew the conclusion that it is due to the lack of “RESPECT” that our nation continues to fall down.

During my trip to Boston, I noticed that most of the people there seem to be kind of arrogant and very few seem to “Respect” one another much less other people. I had the opportunity to kind of walk around a huge store and found that the people at that store did not “Respect” what anyone else were doing. They went about doing what they wanted to do and if you got in their way, they would not even say excuse me. One particular incident happened at the airport in Rohde Island as we were leaving. The wife and I were in line to obtain our boarding passes and this man came up behind us and without even as much as an excuse me, he nearly knocked my wife down and continued on without saying I am sorry or excuse me! The wife, not one to mince her words just looked at him and he turned and continued on like he did nothing at all even though he had almost knocked her down. I was about to call the guy out but the wife said just let it go they don’t know any better. Once again, just no “RESPECT” for ladies or others.

All in all I have decided that what our nation needs now more then ever is some “RESPECT” towards others and from others. Without “RESPECT” for others, one does not have “RESPECT for themselves. I just wonder if maybe that small little word is just being forgotten all for due to the loss of family values and our own selective religious ideas? Has “RESPECT” died or has it just been tossed aside for the “betterment” of those who just don’t care anymore? Once again all we all ask for is just a little “RESPECT”!

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