Riding Out The Storm

September 1, 2008

I decided to ‘liveblog’ the storm even though this is a political blog and not a weather blog or a natural disaster, and it’s very unfortunate that some people want to mix weather or natural disasters with politics. It shouldn’t even be close to a political issue which is why I avoided talking about Hurricane Katrina when it happened.

However, I have some friends at the GOP convention so I’d thought I’d leave some updates for them.

They eye of the hurricane is over Houma now, leaving New Orleans just west of the eye. There is topping of the levees but WDSU has live footage of the levees and all appears fine.

In the Baton Rouge area, there is several trees being reported down. Downtown Baton Rouge has lost power but so far I haven’t lost power, but of course that’s just for the time being.

Gustav is a Cat2 storm. Fantastic news, much better than the CAT4 that was supposed to hit the shores.

I have to tell you the evacuation of New Orleans was far better than last time. During Hurricane Katrina I remember driving in the evacuated traffic, unaware that a hurricane was coming for us, and all I could see was traffic for miles as the storm came in.

This time, everybody was well aware of the hurricane coming towards us, the city evacuated but you couldn’t tell. I never saw the line of cars on the interstate. As far as hurricane prep, this could not have ran any smoother. The administrations of Bobby Jindal, Ray Nagin, and President Bush have done a fantastic thus far and none of them seem to be overwhelmed and we know Bobby Jindal is too hyperactive to take a nap.

I listened on my car radio when Bobby Jindal first made the order of evacuation. It was pure leadership. He had the sense of urgency but no sense of panic.

Ray Nagin seemed to be much more capable of handling a hurricane than he was last time, he’s stepped up into his role of leadership… though I have to admit I was a little confused when Nagin said the storm was going to hit at midnight Monday. I didn’t know if he meant Monday morning 12am or if he meant Monday night 12am. With Nagin, you have to be careful with these things.

11:38 am, lights flickering… Don’t know how much longer I’ll have power but power has been lost just a few blocks away from me. Trees are down and the worst is yet to come.

Overstock.com Adds Country Duo Joey+Rory as Company Spokespersons.

Science Letter October 14, 2008 Overstock.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) announced that the online shopping site has added county music duo Joey+Rory to the list of Overstock.com spokespersons, naming the couple as the focus of a nationwide ad campaign (see also Overstock.com, Inc.). go to web site overstock coupon code

Beginning today the husband and wife team of Joey Martin and Rory Feek will be seen as the new face of Overstock.com as the company launches a new 60 second “At home with the O” ad campaign, which features two television commercials filmed at the couple’s 1870’s farmhouse and family restaurant near Nashville, Tenn. The first of the two commercials debuts nationally today.

“Joey and Rory are a perfect fit for Overstock.com; they represent us well and the people who shop with us,” said Overstock.com’s Stormy Simon, senior vice president of marketing and customer care. “They’re a loving couple with strong values, and we happily welcome them to the Overstock family.” Alan Bunton, Overstock.com’s creative director discovered the couple during their appearance on Country Music Television’s 2008 singing competition, “Can You Duet.” The couple’s exposure as finalists on the show opened the door to Overstock.com. go to web site overstock coupon code

“As I watched I couldn’t help but be attracted to them,” Bunton said. “They’re immensely talented, but also humble and human — a natural fit for Overstock.com and the customers we serve.” Joey+Rory join NBA all-star, Carlos Boozer and spokeswoman Briana Walker as representatives for Overstock.com.

“We’re thrilled and humbled to have been singled out by Overstock.com to represent their company and their values,” stated Joey+Rory. “We’re honored that they recognize the value in the simplicity of our lifestyle and music and have allowed us to remain authentic.”


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